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Jun 28, 2011 10:41 AM

Birthday Brunch at The Getty

I am taking my 95 year old Mom to brunch for her birthday at The Getty Center this weekend. Has anyone else been? Can you give me some advice on the menu. Thanks again.

Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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  1. You might want to ask for a window table. I told our server privately that one of my guests had a birthday. For her dessert, the chef wrote "happy birthday" on the plate using a chocolate squeeze bottle. My guests had pasta, I had a salad. These dishes were fine. Sorry, I can't identify a "must have" dish.

    1. I haven't been in a while, but I was impressed the few times I've been there. Solid food. Very nice wait staff. And such a nice setting. I don't remember menu specifics....but I do recall that I was quite happy with everything I ordered.

      1. I was there for dinner in Feb. Things have generally gone downhill since a few years ago when some of the menu items were worth getting despite the panoramic views (e.g. short ribs, cod, pea soup). Not anymore.

        If you go, go knowing that you are there for scene (literally) and the atmosphere -- which is, by all accounts -- still unique and very very LA, and not there for the food.

        Oh, and enjoy the traffic on the 405 and the tertiary routes surrounding it.

        Happy b-day to Mom!

        1. I went for lunch last week. Went with my old boss from many, many moons ago. He's pretty old, has a touch of emphysema.

          Well, no comlaints abou the restaurant - which was quite good with excellent service. But...

          I HATE THE GETTY! Why? You drive in, they stop you, then you drive some more and pay $15 parking. Then you drive into the parking structure. It seems like I went to the sixth level of Hell before I found a parking spot. And then you walk to an elevator, go up, then walk over to the trams. And wait. Then you get in and creep up slowly the top. The view is...well...the 405. Probably more fun at night, but this was lunch. You get to the top. and then you walk some more over to the restaurant. I felt bad meeting an 84 year old with health issues there.

          What were they thinking when they built this place like that? Couldn't they have valent parking at the top for $15 bucks? Stupid waste of time, waste of money for the tram (at least make it a monorail or something so you feel like you're an an amusement park ride.

          Point is, it's not a destination for food. There are plenty of restaurants that are easy to get into. But if you're going to spend half a day there, then it might make sense. Ridiculous.

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            Parking is free after 5PM, although that obviously doesn't help for a brunch or lunch.

            Weekend morning traffic on the 405 isn't necessarily bad, so you might actually be fine, in that respect.

            On a food-related note, I've only been the restaurant at the Museum once (and that must've been 3+ yrs ago). Thought it was quite good and not terribly overpriced, so it's sad to hear that things have gone downhill. I had lunch at the cafe Villa a few weeks ago. Was surprised at how tasty it was, although I thought it was more than just a touch overpriced.... I would agree that spend the effort and $ to get to the Getty makes more sense if you're going to spend even just a little bit of time beyond brunch there (and there's plenty of places in the common areas to sit and to enjoy the gardens and views).

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              All due respect, but I don't assume the Getty gives much of a damn about being a destination for food, despite having places to eat. That's not really their focus, is it? As someone exceptionally grateful to have ready access to an amazing art & antiquities collection (plus great visiting exhibits) for the cost of parking, I respect what the Getty offers LA.

              1. re: mangetoutoc

                "I don't assume the Getty gives much of a damn about being a destination for food"
                I do disagree with that statement. I have been to museums all over the world and the Getty Center and Getty Villa Malibu both go out of their way and do a very good job with their food, much more than most museums anywhere else. It is something they are very serious about and indeed do take care and pride in both their restaurants and cafes and the food that they serve in them. It is not something they had to do and yet they still did it and I for one am thankful for it.

                Getty Center
                1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049

                1. re: wienermobile

                  Sorry if what I said came off wrong. My intent was not to insult their restaurants, but point out that, as a destination, food is only a part of the bigger picture, not the only reason one would want to take a trip to the Getty. With all they offer, the type of complaints about parking, fees, and what have you seemed a little petty. That the Getty has nice places to eat while one is there enjoying everything else is a bonus. It's just my opinion, but they should not need to placate the whims of people just coming to eat.

            2. Went today and my Mom loved it. Very good classy service in a wonderful room with mountain views all around. We had homemade biscuits with apple butter, Crab Benedict., Duck confit with eggs & goat cheese also Apple sausage hash with poached eggs. Enjoyed it all. Priced around $20 per person. Highly recommended. A great special occasion restaurant. Thanks again.

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                Glad it worked out. Good to have the update!

                1. re: wienermobile

                  Wonderful!. Thanks so much for the update. Very much appreciated.

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    glad to hear Mom enjoyed it! thankfully her birthday wasn't during Carmageddon weekend ;)