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Jun 28, 2011 10:03 AM

Pittsburgh restaurants with children

We are driving to Pittsburgh from Baltimore for a quick trip (24 hours) and staying near the Airport, before we head out to Toledo, Ohio. We plan to visit the Warhol and Children's Museums and I am looking for a couple of decent restaurants- something for a late lunch/dinner before we head to the hotel, and breakfast the next morning on our way to Ohio.
We are also considering stopping in Mount Washington on the way to the hotel, and maybe squeezing in the strip district before the museums, so we are willing to alter our eating plans if there are any great suggestions in those areas.
My requirements are:
real, fresh, and healthy-ish

We like all kinds of food- really looking for something special, but simple; nice, but not expensive. I hope that makes sense.

PS. Is the strip really worth visiting?

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  1. The strip is a lot of fun... check it out.

    A place that the kids will enjoy in the Strip District is Klavons, an old fashioned ice cream parlour

    Hmm.. there should be a lot of places in Lawrenceville if you wanted to grab lunch there. Its not too far from the strip district. Parking during the day shouldnt be a problem.

    Coca Cafe looks like its open during lunch

    Here is a link to some more restaurant listings in lawrenceville area

    During the day you can find parking in the South Side (at night meter parking and rush hour traffic make it a little harder). South Side isnt too far from Mt. Washington (its down the hill from Mt. Washington). They have some nicer places for dinner and some really low key eateries there.

    From what I remember Thai Me Up seemed kid friendly and Fatheads is fun (portions are huge...

    South Side restaurant listings

    1. I don't have kids to I won't comment on kid friendly restaurants but with all that you have packed in to one day, the Warhol, Children's Museum, Mt. Washingtion, then driving out to the airport to get to the hotel (you'll have some traffic in the later afternoon of course), I think you can safely skip the Strip. I personally love the Strip, but with everything else you have planned, plus with kids in tow, I'm not sure the Strip is a must visit place during the short time you have here.

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      1. re: Rick

        Hmmm, good food for thought. I am thinking it sounds like a lot too. I may be altering that plan to have a more relaxed day. Thanks for your input!
        I'm thinking about skipping Mt Washington in favor of the Strip. Any thoughts on this? Which will be more relaxed? Also, we'll be there on a Saturday. Will there be traffic issues on the weekend?

        1. re: shannonbelle428

          Hi Shannon

          Actually as much I enjoy the strip, I do think Mt. Washington is nicer for a visitor. =)

          1. re: iamyvonne

            Cool. Thanks Yvonne. It is on the way to our hotel, so I thought we could have dinner somewhere in that area before we head to the hotel.

            1. re: iamyvonne

              I agree, as a local I visit the Stip FAR more often (at least twice a week) than Mt. Washington, but for a visitor with kids, I'd say check out Mt. Washington. The Strip gets busy on the weekend and other than grabbing lunch there isn't much for you to do there since you won't be buying groceries.

            2. re: shannonbelle428

              Saturday is the most crowded day in the Strip. DeLuca's and Pamela's are both loud, crowded diners, so they're probably good for kids. Pamela's closes at 3:00. I think DeLuca's closes early, too, but I'm not sure what time.



              1. re: Jay F

                Thanks for the info Jay F. Loud and crowded is not my thing, so it's good to know to avoid that scene on a Saturday. From what I gather, the Mount Washington scene is a little slower, or er, more elderly. I'm not elderly, but after a day of traveling and museum hopping with a toddler and a teenager, I think we'll find somewhere quiet to dine in the evening. Anyone have a Mount Washington suggestion?

                1. re: shannonbelle428

                  I would recommend that you park either at Station Square (right below Mt Washington). The kids would enjoy the fountain that is in time with music. There are several restaurants (not fine dining, but child friendly). If you do Station Square, make sure to walk into the Grand Concourse, it's beautiful! From there you can take the incline up to Mount Washington. The two Inclines are near Station Square, and are very interesting and a fun ride, for very little money. Near the Mon Incline station at the top, is an ice cream shop and a restaurant called the Shiloh Grill which has a nice outdoor deck and fairly good food.

                  Check out the picture here of the Duquesne Incline:

                  Station Square
                  2 E Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

                  Grand Concourse Restaurant
                  100 W Station Square Dr Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

                  1. re: Burghfeeder

                    I love the strip and always recomend it.. However, it is just basicly grocery stores and cheap t shirt type shops... some good eats. Crowds Yes, but in a good way.

                    .Might want to look into Cafe Raymond (hours can be tough) meets all your requirments.

                    Station Square Incline Idea Is really GOOD!! Try to limit your day.. Weather can play a factor .. Rain will rule out alot

                    Cafe Raymond
                    2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

                    Station Square
                    2 E Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

          2. Personally I think kids would hate the Strip and certainly wouldn't enjoy what an adult would find most interesting there. But they'll love the ride up the Incline to Mt. Washington.

            Then again I can't imagine a kid enjoying the Warhol either. Don't know how old the kids are, but as you're on the North Side anyway, the kids (and you) might really enjoy the Carnegie Science Center. They have an IMAX theater.

            In Station Square, Grand Councourse would be good. Up on Mt. Washington you could try out Shiloh Grill. Other recommendations for decent food/kid-friendly would be Six Penn and Lidia's. Not much out by the airport other than chains although Pure & Simple seems to have a lot of fans.