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Jun 28, 2011 09:46 AM

Where to get good sausage?

I'm a lover of all things sausage, and I searched but haven't been able to find a thread on where the best sausages in Philly are. I was hoping others could help me because I'm new to the Philly food scene.

Upon researching, I've found that Fiorella's is good for Italian and I plan to take a trip to Rieker's Meats this weekend to try some other European specialties. I've had many varieties from DiBruno's, but was altogether unimpressed; D'Angelo Bros. at the Market was good, but very poor customer service and cleanliness from what I experienced. I have tried various kinds from RTM, and have liked most of those but am looking to expand. I'm looking for pretty much any and all places to buy any kind of good sausage in Philly(preferably South or Center City) and also South Jersey if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Fiorella's makes the best Italian sausage I've had in the city, I've never been to Rieker's but I've had several of their varieties at Brauhaus Schmitz (which you should visit) and they've all been good.

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      I went into Fiorella's recently on a weekday and the woman was sitting behind the counter smoking a cigarette. That is wrong on so many levels. I told her so and walked out. She couldn't have cared less. Maybe that's how they make "smoked" sausage.

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        Ha, they also recently closed for a week or two because they had a fire!

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          I wonder if it was due to careless smoking. Thanks for the update.

    2. I really like D'Angelo Bros. The guy is gruff but once you accept that and break the ice, he's actually pretty friendly (in his own way) and very knowledgeable and helpful. I agree with you about the cleanliness.

      Green Aisle Grocery on East Passyunk sells sausages from Marshall Green (of Cafe Estelle) and Renaissance Sausage (the truck), along with some other producers, so that's an easy way to try some new ones in South Philly. Also, Renaissance brings their truck to the Headhouse Farmers Market on Sundays.

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        a couple of times I've gotten stuff from D'Angelos there are really big chunks of veggies in there (carrots mainly) - I wasn't sure if that was the style or just laziness/filler. That said they have the widest range of meats I've seen (rabbit, duck etc).

        thanks for the Renaissance tip. I loved what I got at the truck and will have to pick some up at Green Aisle.

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          I was under the impression that Renaissance Sausage only sold cooked to order sausage, not fresh or raw sausage; is that true?

          1. re: tzanghi

            At the truck they only sell the sausage sandwiches, but barryg noted that you can buy the uncooked at Green Aisle. However, I've seen them sell people the raw sausages out of the truck (last summer), I heard them say that if they have enough, they'd do it. I bet if you got in contact with them ahead of time, they could probably have some ready for you at the truck.

        2. Not sure about Philly, but L.E. Roselli's in South Jersey has amazing sausage. They sell raw sausage, not in casing, yet holds its shape.

          The BEST hot Italian sausage I have ever had! And everyone I have served it to says the same thing. It is even worth the trip to drive out there JUST for the sausage. The sweet Italian sausage is good, but I prefer hot, so I cannot really comment on the sweet stuff.

          It's in Medford, NJ. the website is:

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            I'm actually from the Medford area, so I'll definitely check this out. Thanks!

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                Had Roselli's hot italian sausage for dinner tonight with some sauteed greens--excellent! I love spicy sausage and they have some good heat in them as well as a great spice combination. I'll probably cook some more on the grill sometime this weekend.

                On a side note, they have some other great stuff in that store(e.g., Pepper-Infused Olive Oil). I'll definitely be back. Thanks again for the tip!

                1. re: tzanghi

                  Wonderful! Let me know if any of the other places you find sausage are as good or better! So glad you enjoyed!

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                    I tried some of the European sausages from Rieker's, and those were very good as well. Strong casings with the thick snap that you expect from the German variety; good stuff. I haven't tried any other Italian styles yet(my family is not a big fan of the Italian Market), but Czerw's and Rieker's are both very good.

          2. I loved the kielbasa from Czerw's in Port Richmond. Last fall I purchased ten pounds of their smoked kielbasa and just finished the last pound this week.


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                I bought some of Czerw's sausage yesterday and grilled some of it today. This stuff is top notch. Great Jalapeno Cheddar Kielbasa and "Hotter than Hell" sausage. Have more stocked, but will definitely be back eventually. My only note about Czerw's sausage is that it definitely isn't lean for anyone trying to cut calories. If you're ok with the fat content, though, this stuff is amazing. Great pierogies as well.

              2. outside your geographical area of choice, but I really like the sausage at the Chestnut Hill Farmer's Market. The hot italian grillers, the mild italian grillers, and the turkey sage esp (although I've not tried most of their varieties).

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                  Good suggestion on Riekers. If you want to venture into Buck's County the other source for locally made great german sausage is Illig's in Chalfont. I know both Hop Angel and Brauhuas Schmitz source from both.

                  In terms of some of the best kielbasa, almost akin to the pat's geno debate is the kilebasa debate in Port Richmond. The "other guys" are Swiacki's.