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Jun 28, 2011 09:18 AM

Kulfi in Dallas or Plano

I know that Kaurina's makes Kulfi (and interesting versions of ice cream) locally, but
what stores carries them? Their website (
)doesn't list retail sale locations. Once whole foods carried some but it
wasn't there the last time I visited.

Any big stores carry this, or any of the small/local ethic groceries?

Thanks, John

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  1. Might try this part of the website to have them list off where they distribute instead of us giving you misinformation.

    1. The Kaurina brand kulfi is sold at all the area Indo-Pak stores in sizes ranging from individual to half-gallons. The pistachio is especially good.

      1. Kaurinas is sold at almost all Pakistani/indian grocery stores..

        If you want quarts/pints this place sells ice cream (including Kulfi). we bought their quart last week and it is AWESOME

        old town creamery.
        6205 Coit Road
        Plano, TX 75024-5472
        (972) 673-0285

        There are two stores right next to this ice cream shop that sells Kaurinas (Subzi mandi and Zabiha meat matters)