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Jun 28, 2011 08:47 AM

Cakes for family get together ?- wheat free or dairy free

Can anyone give me a good idea of a cake purveyor in Camberville that carries 2 kinds of tasty cakes.

1. Wheat free
2. Dairy free

They don't have to be both, I'd be happy to get one of each. Extra happy hostess points for Chocolate.(mmm, flourless chocolate cake...)

Thank you hounds -


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  1. How strict are these requirements? Is it ok if it's baked in the same bakery that uses wheat or dairy?

    And is gluten ok?

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    1. re: emannths

      Not super strict. Same bakery OK and non-wheat glutens OK too, I link. Thanks for asking :)

    2. Try Cakes by Erin. She's great to work with.

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      1. re: mvi

        Looks like she's got some wild stuff. Sadly I was looking for something more local (hopefully within walking/short red line T ride distance)

      2. The new vegan diner in Central Square (it's run by the same people who do Veggie Planet but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it or if its officially opened) has vegan pastries, including cakes I believe. I know they have vegan pies for sure.

        They were at Taste of Cambridge tonight and their vegan blueberry pie was actually quite good.

        Veggie Planet
        47 Palmer St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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        1. re: Ella Bella

          Veggie Galaxy says they hope to open in early August.

        2. *Duh! My comments about the vegan pastries = dairy free.

          1. Thanks for suggestions! Turns out the wheat free person isn't coming and I'm leaning towards just getting a bunch of cupcakes from kickass (they're just OK but they do have vegan, and some guests are big fans)

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            1. re: cindywho

              Let us know. I have not been happy w/ Kickass Cupcakes and would like your opinion. The best thing about the business is the name, in my opinion.

              Kickass Cupcakes
              378 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144