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Lots of strawberries, need more ideas please.

I have lots of strawberries and have made jam, pie, muffins and bread. I still have 3 quarts left. ANy ideas? TIA

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  1. My cousin just made a delicious salad with lettuce (not sure what kind, but not romaine or iceberg), finely diced cheese, toasted slivered almonds and sliced strawberries. She made a vinaigrette of chopped garlic, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. It was absolutely delicious.

    The other day, I had some strawberries that were just about to go bad and made one of my favorite syrups. A bunch of strawberries, cut up and put over low heat. Add a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and reduce. You can throw the whole thing over ice cream, other fruit or do what I did and pour it all into a nice cold glass of vodka and club soda.

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      This looks great, how long does it keep?

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        Puree with a few tblspoons of any jam....then toss with more cut up strawberries and serve with a scoop of sour cream or vanilla ice cream for an easy quick dessert.

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          Whoa! Please tell me more about this vodka/club soda/strawberry syrup drink.

        2. Or a topping for French Toast or Waffles! You could also incorporate it right into the batter

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            on that note, stuffed french toast with mascarpone.

          2. recently America's Test Kitchen did a recipe for a berry fool. It would probably be excellent with all strawberries. Also, ice cream or sorbet.

            1. Strawberry lemonade- I just stir lots of strained strawberry puree into my favorite (slightly less sweetened) lemonade recipe.

              1. - pavlova
                - trifle
                - dip in chocolate (white and/or dark)
                - strawberry salsa
                - drizzle with *good* balsamic vinegar (add a pinch of sugar if it's very acidic), season with pepper, and serve over vanilla ice cream or ricotta
                - mash and fold into cream cheese or goat cheese - spread on toast, bagels or crackers
                - strawberry soup
                - donuts
                - spinach salad
                - milkshakes or smoothies
                - strawberry cheesecake

                you can also freeze or dehydrate some.

                1. Preserved Strawberries (not like jam). Keep them whole, and long enough so that the syrup starts tasting almost like alcohol. Great on ice cream or angel food cake.

                  Make a fresh strawberry short cake. It's easy, and if you use angel food cake its low-er in fat and almost healthy.

                  Strawberry smoothies, just combine fresh strawberries, a bit of yogurt and milk. Add other fruits, honey or ice cream if you wish. Voila!

                  1. Summer pudding. Slice your strawberries, mix with sugar to taste, plus a little bit more, as you serve this cold, then heat them together until the sugar dissolves. Slice some high quality bread (remove crusts) and layer this in a bowl or pudding mold with the strawberry concoction. Put a weighted plate on it and chill overnight. Unmold the next day and serve with whipped cream.

                    You have to use excellent bread (flour, water, yeast, oil, salt) or it will taste like chemicals, but if you use good bread and your strawberries are flavorful, this will be much better than the sum of its parts.

                    1. You can slice and sugar them, then freeze. When defrosted, then don't come out like perfectly fresh sliced, but in two months when there are no strawberries left, you'll be glad you did!

                      1. Saw this idea for roasted strawberries yesterday - looks very good! I am going to try this.

                        http://leitesculinaria.com/74412/reci... Imagine all the possibilities!

                        1. I freeze them whole with just the stems removed and then make "ice cream" with them in the vitamix.

                          1. Mix brown sugar and sour cream and dip them and enjoy

                            1. you made strawberry bread? hmm gonna have to try that one--recipe??

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                              1. I'd definitely make a bunch of strawberry cocktails. You could try making a strawberry syrup by adding the strawberries, some orange juice, lime, ginger, vanilla, and sugar into a pot and just let them simmer and steep. I'd then strain and add some sparkling wine or water, maybe even champagne and some vodka and pour over ice. Enjoy the strawberries!

                                1. I just made an outstanding strawberry-yogurt ice cream. It's kind of a hybrid of fro-yo and ice cream. I recommend a rich, whole milk or 2% greek yogurt.

                                  See here,

                                  scroll down to second recipe; substitute 1 cup Greek yogurt for the 1 cup sour cream; otherwise follow recipe exactly

                                  Or you could go for just strawberry frozen yogurt, no heavy cream involved:


                                  1. Eton Mess - take some meringues, smash them up, add homemade thick whipped cream (not the kind in a can) and chopped strawberries and mix together. Can also add other fruit like blueberries.

                                    I didn't have any whipped cream today so made a slightly different version with vanilla ice cream subbing for the whipped cream.