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Jun 28, 2011 08:32 AM

Hoggs n' Chicks - Terrible name, GREAT food!

Hoggs n' Chicks is a little hole in the wall near Sienna Plantation in the Missouri City/Sugar Land area. They call it a Fine Food Shack and indeed it is!

I must say that we haven't darkened the door of this place since it opened primarily due to the name. It is rather a put off for me for some reason. I kept thinking to myself, with a name like that how serious can they be about their food? Glad to say I was wrong. Also found out that the place is associated with Frederic Perrier/Aura.

Hubby and I stopped by for a quick bite last night. With some recommendations from the staff we ordered some "small bites" and mains. I tend to think of sliders as a bit passe, but thought we'd give these a go as we were told they were a favorite. They have 4 different kinds and they are available to order individually so we made our own plate of three. We had the Jalapeno Glazed Chicken Slider, the Spicy Saigon Pork Slider, and the Pulled Pork Slider. OMG - heaven! We liked the Saigon Pork best (almost fighting over the last bite!) and the Jalapeno Chicken was a close runner up. The Pulled Pork wasn't bad either, but it paled in comparison.

For mains we had the Fried Shrimp Basket and the Pigs Delight Sandwich. The shrimp were fine - good for a fried shrimp fix, but not the best ever. The Pigs Delight was, well, delightful. It is a sandwich with a fried pork loin and hatch chili sauce, topped with breakfast (ham, egg, and bacon). Yum! It was a huge portion thought - better if we had just shared that and skipped the shrimp.

So, if I start to eat here often, I'll have to try the salad side of the menu since a lot of the rest of the food is the good artery clogging kind. We will definately be back though - even if it is only to try more of the "bad" stuff!

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  1. I really wanted to like this place because Frederick Perrier is a great asset to have in the Mo City area but everything that I have ordered has been pretty ho hum. Pulled pork is dry and tasteless which really hurts since it is the base for a couple sandwiches. The fries are lackluster and the burger is really average. The saigon pork slider was best thing I had but still not worth stopping in to dine IMO.

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      I'll have to respectfully disagree about the spicy pork slider. It is almost destination dining. Agree the fries are not very good. The pulled pork we had wasn't dry, but definately not sauced like most and not really flavorful. Trying the chichen fried steak tonight. Will report back.

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        A second location opened in the Township Square on 1092, which I believe is the same complex that houses Aura and a favorite Chinese restaurant of mine in a prior life, Orient Cafe. Used to love that place back in the 90s.

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          Pork wasn't overly dry I suppose just not what pulled pork should be. Zero flavor, I ordered extra sauce for it, still couldn't save it. Out of the 5 things I have had there the pork slider is the best but personally I would eat a Tornado spicey burger over that slider anyday of the week.
          I believe the second location is taking over the Meat and Greet spot shich used to be my go to butcher until a guy that ran the place left about a year ago. Best dry aged steaks in town for dirt cheap.

      2. Tried the new location, in the old Meat and Greet spot next to Aura for lunch today. Ordered the lunch special, which was a choice of three sliders with a side and drink for $7.99, I think it was. The sliders were on lovely, house-made yeast rolls, crisped on the grill. The beef slider was rather boring and overcooked (not "medium" as I had specified, when asked at the counter). Aside from a nice, assertive, beefy flavor, there was not much to recommend this slider. After eating half, I added a little French's mustard, as there was no sauce or other embellishment. The Saigon pork slider was worth the trip. Nicely sauced, with bits of aromatics throughout the patty, juicy and delicious. Pulled pork was my third slider. I found the meat to be moist, tender, and smokey. The pinkish, mayo-based sauce didn't add much interest, in my opinion. My side was a buttery medley of seasonal veggies: squashes, carrots, and green beans.

        My dining companion, who treated me to lunch, has been on a quest for the best chicken fried steak in Houston, and says that he has found it here (His prior top of the list had been Ousie's Table). I had a couple bites and was very impressed. I will go back to order this. The breading was crisp and fairly dark. The meat was tender and nicely seasoned, perhaps marinated. The cream gravy was savory, thick, and peppery. The portion was large, but not one of those fill-the-platter CFS's. His side of mac and cheese must have been unremarkable, since he made no remark about it. Came with one of those lovely rolls that the sliders are served on, for under $9.

        Glancing over the menu, I saw several sandwiches and seafood dishes I will likely go back to try. For the quality here, the prices are very reasona