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Jun 28, 2011 06:58 AM

Any local corn in yet?

Has anyone gotten any local corn yet? I usually get corn at Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting, Pete's Produce in Delco and the produce stand in Montco that is off Germantown Pike, just past the Methacton High School.

I have to admit, I have scored some really good bi-color corn at Genuardis lateley. Nice large ears and very sweet and tasty.

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  1. The farmer from Jersey who goes to headhouse farmers market on Sunday had corn last week - I think it is Buzzby's

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      Top of the Hill market in Chestnut Hill has Jersey corn. Haven't had any yet.

    2. Maple Acres has had corn for about 2 weeks. it's delicious. :)

      1. Pete's Produce in Westtown was selling "local" Jersey corn last weekend. They expect their own corn to start coming in in about a week or so, and about two weeks after that, their Mirai will be ready.

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        1. re: CindyJ

          Pete's is selling local and has a coupon in today's Inky for six free ears with a $20 purchase.

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              No, I don't think so. They usually say "our own" when they've grown it themselves.

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              After some googling effort, i found that coupon on Is that the same thing as inky? Just curious what inky is and what other deals can be found.

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                Sorry - Inky is shorthand for the Phil Inquirer. maybe I spelled it wrong. Stopped at the Wilmington farmers market yesterday(Thursdays, 4-8, 10th & van buren) and got some gorgeous corn @ 6/$3. Delaware, picked yesterday.

          1. we got some awesomely sweet and tender corn on one of those back roads we take home from the shore... I wish I knew the name of the intersection... they have a pygmy goat there, don't believe them when they tell you he's friendly, he'll try to rip open your femoral artery with his horns...
            the place is somewhere past swedesboro if you're heading away from route 322, make a right at the Wawa...

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              Hahahaha! I know that stand by heart as it's about a quarter mile from my house! We just call it the "goat stand" and yes, they have had awesome local corn lately. They're on Route 45 at the corner with, I think it's Monroeville Road (between Harisonville Road and Tomlin Station Road, halfway between Woodstown and Mullica Hill.)

              Seriously, I think one of the things I love the most about moving to that area from Philly are the summer farm stands in the area....I could go temporarily vegetarian based on the amazing selections available nearly in my backyard (and last year they literally were in our backyard, as we had a massive eggplant field behind us that didn't mind if we raided now and then for a fruit to cook for dinner....)

              1. re: sockii

                that's one ornery goat! (he'll lull you into a false sense of security with how cute he is)

                they feed him fruits and veggies that are nearly or just turned bad...

                we are REALLY lucky to live where we do in general, you can't get a tomato, or a zucchini or Italian Long hot that tastes as good as the ones around here... and Georgia can stuff it, I think NJ peaches are the best in the world... I think the same about Strawberries from Bucks County, PA... my Florida friends rave about thier berries... feh, they're watered down versions at best!

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                  My father grew up in Woodstown and the peaches from that area are wonderful. Don't forget that New Jersey is known as the Garden State. They didn't get that nickname for nothing.

            2. SIW Farm in Chadds Ford, Pa had corn from their farm last week. The ears were a bit small and they were not very sweet, but that is to be expected for the first corn of the season.

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                1. re: CindyJ

                  Here's SIW's blog page:

                  Their address: 4317 S. Creek Rd. Chadds Ford, PA 19317. Creek Road is Route 100.

                  If you were to exit Hank' Place in Chadds Ford (at the red light), make a left (north) onto Route 1, and then a quick right onto Creek Rd./Route 100. This is the road that borders the WaWa/Post Office on the north side. Follow Creek Rd./Route 100 about a good 1.5 miles or so and the farm stand will be located on your left hand side along the railroad tracks.

                  SIW Farm is a great little farm stand/CSA. The actual farm is located across the street from the stand.

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                    Oh, right... I've been there. I just didn't know the name. Thanks.