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Mar 5, 2006 12:25 AM

Ohana Hawaiian BBQ-Studio City

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Well Ventura Blvd. isn't anyplace I'd go for Chinese or Japanese food, but I did run across a surprisingly decent Hawaiian fast food place in Studio City. Ohana BBQ at 11269 Ventura Blvd. next to Bally's bills itself as a Hawaiian and Korean eatery, though the emphasis is primarily on the Hawaiian side. Everything we had, from main dishes to sides, was quite good, and much better than Ono's (if that's saying anything). The BBQ chicken was tasty and moist, the bi bim bap was quite good, the combination potato/macaroni salad was interesting and good, and the green salad had the right amount of tanginess. Obviously not to compare to what you can get in the South Bay or Koreatown, but certainly worth visiting on a recurring basis.

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  1. I love this place. Their kim chee on request is great. One order of the chicken will virtually feed two. Looking for good food at inexpensive prices, this is it.

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    1. re: Hugh Lipton

      Yes I agree, Ohana is so far above a place like Ono it's not even funny. Top quality ingredients and careful preparation + nice people. I wish there was another closer to me but will brave Bally's parking gladly (there are a couple spaces in front of Ohana reserved for their customers btw.)

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      Coincidentally, we just tried Ohana in Burbank, and were pleasantly surprised. My short ribs were a little fatty compared to when I do them at home, but I really enjoyed the flavor of their shortribs and macaroni salad. Great value for the price, all high-quality ingredients and fresh.
      Way too much food for one person -- they brought out at least enough for 4 people and we thought we had only ordered 2 meals (which makes it an even better buy than it originally appears).

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      1. re: kimpossible1138

        The owners of the Studio City Ohana tell me they have no connection with the one in Burbank.

        1. re: Hugh Lipton

          No kidding -- different menu? I'll have to try the one in SC.

          1. re: kimpossible1138

            I have no idea about the differences in menus because I have only been to the one in Studio city. I only know that I mentioned to the owners of Studio city about their opening another one in Burbank and they said the businesses are not related.