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Jun 28, 2011 06:52 AM

Fine dining in Copenhagen other than Noma, AOC and Geranium

Hi all -

We are coming to Copenhagen for 4 days in late July and were hoping to hit one of the top fine dining/michelin-type places. Sadly, Noma and AOC are closed (and Geranium is either closed or just booked). Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with other similar places they'd care to share? Any advice would be much appreciated.

On a slightly less important note, any other mid-priced recs would be appreciated. I've read all of the posts thus far on this board and have made a res at Fiskbaren, which is the only place that seems to get a lot of praise on here.


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  1. I like Fiskbaren. I would also suggest Aamanns and Relae, though they may be closed as well. July is not the greatest time to visit Copenhagen -- somewhat like Paris in August. For fine dining, I had a wonderful experience at Sollerod Kro, although it's more classic than noma, Geranium, AOC, all of which are my favorites.

    1. For fine dining along the lines of the ones you mentioned, I'd recommend Herman, in the Nimb hotel. Had a great experience there.

      For a more casual, cheaper option, but with some of the same New Nordic sensibilities, I love Kofoed:

      1. I had the tasting menu at Paul in the Tivoli gardens a couple of years ago in summer and was fairly impressed.