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Jun 28, 2011 06:26 AM

Ecuador - food suggestions beyond ceviche?

Hi fellow travelling foodie peeps,

I am going to Ecuador for a week on Friday and i was wondering whether you had any recommendations with regards to food, restaurants, places and experiences. We'll be in Quito for a few days, a hacienda on the northern Sierra and then a few days in Puerto Lopez on the coast. Of course i am looking forward to ceviche, but any recommendation would be very very welcome, especially for Quito. Thanks very much for your help, looking forward to reading your suggestions. Pics and reviews upon my return!


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  1. Go to Zazu and Alma Concina for sure. They are two of the best dining spots in Quito. Cafe Mosaico is a must for drinks around sunset. Don't eat here. I believe I wrote reviews of all 3 here last July 2010 so dig around. We enjoyed Quito but would not go back...the air quality is abysmal and the pickpockets..phew..we were fortunate but others we met not..

    See photos of all 3 here...I had ceviche Guinea pig tho..yuck....

    In Quito for touring, I recommend the Guyasamin Museo for sure and the cathedrals. Oh oh..if you go to Cayambe City eat Bizchocho..their local cookie.

    1. I'll be in Quito in a couple of weeks, so I'd be thrilled to hear about your experiences. Thanks!

      1. I've been to Quito and P. Lopez.... can't remember where the hell I ate, but I definitely went to Cafe Mosaico in Quito... lovely view.

        And just about everywhere I went I found you couldn't go wrong with llapingachos (sp?). Basically thick potato pancakes, chorizo, avocado and fried egg. Every place has their own version of spicy aji sauce... It is delicious. I also loved every single bean dish I had in Ecuador. I don't know what they do that makes it so damn good!

        In Puerto Lopez I stayed at the Hosteria Mandala.... so excellent. Absolutely beautiful and the food was good, too!

        Have a Pilsner Grande for me :)

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          oh and while in Quito go to La Mariscal- it's the trendy/touristy section. Feels incredibly expensive after having spent 2 weeks eating $3 dinners in the highlands, but it's worth a visit. They have some good stuff