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Jun 28, 2011 06:24 AM

I 85 or I 95 between Raleigh and DC

We are heading up to DC for the Holiday weekend and staying with friends but need somewhere to stop for dinner Friday night between Raleigh, NC and Springfield, VA leaving about 4 or 5 so probably somewhere close off I 95 in Virginia that is easy off and easy back on. No chains or fast food is there anything there?

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  1. Buz and Ned's is in Richmond, right off of 95 on North Blvd. Only a couple of turns once off the interstate. Excellent ribs and bbq. It's a bit of a hole in the wall, very small, but not fast food.

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    1. re: Leadmine

      I have to disagree on that recommendation. I only ate there once, but that was more than enough. The place was dirty, which is not usually something I harp on, but combined with simply bad food, I couldn't recommend it to anyone. I would choose McD's over Buz and Ned's in a moment.

      I'm sorry to say that 85 north of Creedmoor is pretty lacking in non-chain choices. We gave up that battle years ago. Either we time things so that we don't have to eat until we get into Maryland, or we just suck it up and do fast food.

      1. re: rockycat

        wow. we're completely 180 on our experiences there. I've never heard of anyone not liking it actually. there is no restaurant in NC that has spare ribs as good as theirs IMO. but, to each his own. I agree with you on the sparse selections on 85 though. That drive is more for saving time and not for exploring.

        To the OP, you could always grab some food from the general store there in Kittrell on US1. Or at least get some country ham or sausage to cook for later.

        1. re: Leadmine

          I don't expect you would find much in the way of spareribs in NC at all, since that's not what we're known for. :-)
          It may have been a very off day, but the people eating with me felt the same way.

          1. re: rockycat

            True - but VA ain't known for ribs either - spare or otherwise.

            I've been to B&N's several times, and I've always had a good experience. Taken others there on 2 occasions and they loved it as well. It's now a place we try and plan to stop at when we venture north. Hope we don't ever have a bad experience b/c good rib joints aren't easy to find.

            1. re: rockycat

              I'm a tell you I'm not a huge spare rib fan, but Ed Mitchell at The Pit produced not only the best spareribs I've eaten, but I would have to say they were the best pork ribs I've had period. Just a great bark on the outside, with some chew to them, and a nice subtle sauce to compliment. Too many people/restaurants let the sauce do the talking rather than the meat, and that's just not what it's about. I understand Ed has since left The Pit, but I felt his spareribs deserved some props.

      2. I've made this drive many times. I-85 truly is no-mans land in terms of food. As for Buz and Ned's, I'm with Leadmine here - I thought the bbq was great. I would recommend it or the VA BBQ Co., located in Ashland, VA (about 10 miles North of Richmond). I was skeptical about this place because it's a chain, but the one in Ashland is in a charming tiny little house (I'd have to believe it was the original location) right off of I-95 at exit 92, and it was excellent.

        1. Your best bets are in Richmond. I can't help you with anything immediately off of I-95, but I've stopped at CanCan (French bistro) a couple times in Carytown and at Kuba Kuba (Cuban). While both are 5-10 mins off of the highway, I think they're worth the detour. You won't get in and out of either very quickly though.

          There are a few good threads on Richmond, so be sure to hunt those down. I'm sure they'll have some good ideas for you.