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Jun 28, 2011 01:52 AM

LG vs Electrolux electric wall oven?

I'm in the market for a new 30" single electric wall oven. I have found an electrolux & an lg that have all the features I'm looking for and will fit into the cutout in my wall. Does anyone have any experience with either brand??? I can't really find any reviews online for either. The oven we have now is the 10+ year old GE that came with the house and it cooks totally unevenly:-( we really want to upgrade because we're passionate home cooks and bakers, but can't afford the super expensive brands. Any suggestions & info is greatly appreciated!

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  1. From what I've been able to find, LG appliances are not the highest quality. We were very close to purchasing the Electrolux Icon oven and at the last second changed to Kitchen Aid.

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      How do you like your Kitchen Aid? I'm open to other brands so would love to hear your experience. Thanks!

    2. I've had a regular Electrolux oven for about three years, replacing an oven that cost twice as much and never did work right for the few months I had it. At the time the regular model had more features than the Icon. I'm not sure how they compare now. I think there may be a little difference in the size of the ovens. I have been very happy with it. Initially I had problems with the interior enamel flaking. They immediately replaced it without quibble. It preheats very quickly and bakes very evenly. I like the different modes to direct the heat. The doors remain cool to the touch and it doesn't put a lot of heat into the kitchen