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Special Homemade Mayonnaise

If you ever had bone marrow , you know its rich and fatty. I've been thinking of making a bone marrow mayo by collecting bones of shanks I buy and freezing them. Once i have enough, I would melt the marrow into liquid for about 1 cup and make mayo out of the marrow oil. What do you guys think? I hope it works.

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  1. Sounds intriguing, 'true thinking outside the box'. The beef flavour, if it sucessfully amalgamates into a mayonnaise would perhaps restrict its use but it would be dynamite on a cold beef salad or with garlic cloves added could be a beef aioli to be served with slices of cold roast beef. Keep us posted.

    1. You've got my attention! I would love to hear your results.

      1. I would wonder if it would emulsify properly, but I wouldn't know until I tried!

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          I know - I am wondering that, too. I'm very curious...

        2. sounds great, if it works

          1. Sounds good to me... I'd make a homemade aioli, all the way until you are just about finished, then add the 'liquid'... One, I'd boil the liquid way down until it was thick and rich. I also doubt it would take very much to flavor the mayo. Yum.

            1. This is truly a worthy experiment. I see a couple of issues. Rendered marrow is already semi-solid at room temp, so you who knows what the right egg yolk to fat ratio is. You might need more yolk or a bit of water to thin it out a bit. And should you include lemon juice? I'd blend the mayo without and once you've figured out the texture add some flavorings to small samples. Garlic perhaps, or sweet paprika, maybe a dash of cumin.

              Might not work, but if it does you can call it marronnaise.

              1. Can bacon grease mayonnaise be far behind?

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                  Antilope, you ask that as if it is a problem? :)

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                    I enjoy bacon gravy on biscuits, BLT pasta salad, etc, so for me it's more of a dream than a problem. ;-)

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                      THATS! WHAT! I'M! TALKING! ABOUT!!! Now do goose fat or duck fat mayonnaise. ;-)

                  2. I'm just posting to keep an eye on this thread, that is truly an intriguing idea!