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Jun 27, 2011 08:51 PM

Looking for recs in Valencia

So my son is moving to Valencia next week (we're in the Bay Area) and I'm looking for some good, casual places. When we were down there a week ago all I noticed were the usual chain restaurants. I'd love to find good Italian, Mexican, BBQ and a great breakfast place. Oh yeah, and we've got to find great pizza. Is there any hope for a NY style deli (without having to drive to Brents in Northridge)? His place is on Magic Mountain Parkway but I realized that everything in the Santa Clarita Valley is practically 10 minutes from wherever you are.

Are there any places that don't require reservations, are reasonably priced-under $25.00 per person not including alcohol (we're not big drinkers and I'm always driving) that aren't the usual chains?

I know I'll be visiting as often as I can (or he'll let me) so some variety will be most apprreciated.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Egg Plantation and Thelma's Cafe for breakfast.

    La Cocina for Americanized Mexican food. Carnitas Michoacan and Las Delicias for more traditional Mexican.

    Egg Plantation
    24415 Walnut St, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

    1. Sorry to have to break it to you...but you will have to drive to Brent's for a good deli. The SCV is a chain restaurant mecca although I always go out of my way to find non-chains to eat at. I really like Gogi House for all you can eat Korean. Zapp is good for thai fusion, I especially like the tuna inferno. Italia Panneteria and deli is quite good, unbelievable canoli and pizza bread. The Waystation in Newhall is a funky diner good for breakfast. There is no great BBQ although Smoking Joe's in Canyon Country is acceptable. IMO the best mexican restaurant is in Reseda and another one recently opened in North Hollywood called Salsa and Beer. It is worth the drive. All these places are very very casual. Sake Bistro in Valencia is good for a more upscale urban vibe. Hope this helps..

      Gogi House
      26524 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

      Salsa and Beer
      6740 N White Oak Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91406

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      1. re: mushky

        Living here, these are the staples where my family goes:

        La Cocina - Love this place! There's two. One at Bouquet and Plum Canyons or the other on Seco - casual, inexpensive and ALWAYS fresh n tasty. I go to the one on Plum Canyon. They have an outdoor patio. Great for summer nights!

        Rattlers - very decent BBQ and an AYCE salad bar-great @ lunch time

        Egg Plantation - for Bkfst. Packed on the weekends and holidays!

        For burgers: 5 guys in the Valencia Mall - He loves this place, I LOVE The Habit Several around Habit also has fab chicken sammys and Ahi tuna. Don't forget to buy their sweet potato fries.

        Another nifty little lunch spot:

        A pizza staple is Caruso's - very casual! I don't eat pizza but, it's the community fav. The family also owns Piccola Trattoria This place is VERY delish. Semi casual. Come for dinner and sit outside on a warm balmy night. Pretend your sitting along the Seine eating regional Italian. (I know, the Seine is Paris). ooh la la .

        Market - Sprouts!

        Egg Plantation
        24415 Walnut St, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

      2. For pizza, Vincenzo's on Lyon's Avenue. Thick garlic crust, if that's your thing. Italian, Sicily's in the mall, Town Center Drive entrance. Agree with Las Delicias and also Torta's Ahogados on Main Street (formerly San Fernando Road) for casual but good food. I agree with Egg Plantation and Thelma's Cafe. Also, Lily's at the Bowling alley on Lyons has a nice breakfast. No ambiance. I like Siam Rice for Thai food. For higher end, the Social on Lyon's avenue in the Vallarta Center and Salt Creek Grill do nice continental cuisine, but over the $25 price for some dishes. If you want an English meal, the Rose and Crown on Lyons does a good bangers and mash and ploughman's lunch. A lot of expats frequent the pub area. Finally, Karma does a nice indian meal and Stone Fire Grill does good bbq-like menu with salads and pastas.

        Las Delicias
        4029 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062

        Vallarta Restaurant
        563 W Ventura St, Fillmore, CA 93015

        Egg Plantation
        24415 Walnut St, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

        Main Street Cafe
        12939 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

        10364 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

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        1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

          Thanks for all the recs. I won't mind driving to Brents as I got used to driving far distances when I lived in the SFV many years ago. (We used to drive to the Original Pantry for breakfast from Sherman Oaks & Reseda, and to a great pizza place--Pedones-- in Hermosa Beach.) My son doesn't like to drive far but I think--hope-- he'll get used to it. He'll be busy w/his new job so that's a factor, tho the job is only 5 min away.

          I forgot to ask for a good burger place. My son LOVES 5 Guys and is thrilled there is one nearby. We don't have one in our area yet. Is it really worth the hype? Seems like In-n-Out but not really fast food.

          I know I'll be driving over the hill - both sets - as I'll head down for shopping, museums etc so will keep looking for other restaurants worth going to. I'm looking forward to hitting some of my past favs as well.

          Thanks again!

          Original Pantry Cafe
          877 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

          1. re: rednails

            Hello Rednails!

            I am NOT a fan of 5 guys 'cuz I don't eat burgers and I thought their fries, while nice, were way to salty for me. HE is a fan.
            I am however, a huge fan of The Habit. This place is closer to our home and we can both get what we like. He LOVES their dble char #2 - includes fries and a drink. I always get a chicken lettuce wrap. What is so nice is that one can custom design. I live gluten free and they are so accommodating. I always order w/o any sauces and NO bun. So fresh, so delish! And, their sweet potato fries are fab! He also LOVES their chocolate malts.
            Also try Rattler's esp. during lunch. He loves their burgers and I like their grilled chik and salad bar. Lunch spcl is 7.99$ AYCE sandwich and salad bar option.
            Santa Clarita has a few nifty spots plus the usual suspects for cheap meals.
            Another spot hubby and I like is Grill Kabob. In a little strip mall at the North end of Bouquet Canyon. They are often on: or or other discounted sites. Half price is a good thing to keep in mind to try local spots for less. :
            )Good Luck to your son on his job. He'll like living here. Summer concerts, outdoor movies, food truck festivals. We have it all. Check out: (my work), (esp. Lexus Jazz concerts...) Cheers :) KQ

            Grill Kabob
            27653 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

        2. If you want to leave the boundaries of Valencia, in Canyon Country near Costco there is a great independent Middle eastern place. Fantastic Falafel, chicken plates, beef schwarma plates, lamajoun, cheese turnovers. Everything is made from Scratch. The owners name is Maral, and she is super nice. If you aren't familiar with this type of food, she will gladly describe what is in it and some cases offer you a sample. i'm addicted to their grape leaves, and now pretty much can't eat grape leaves from anywhere else.

          There's some seating inside and outside, but not a ton, but its real casual. Also makes for great takeout, I get some hummus, homemade pita, baba ganoush, and use it to pack lunches for the week. Prices are so reasonable for what you get. The menu on their site may not include everything.

          Don't know if you have Facebook, but they have a lot of pics of their food on it!/

          I also agree with Kitchen Queen, about Grill Kabob, although I like the hummus and pita better at manoushee.