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Jun 27, 2011 08:46 PM

Le Canard Mort

New resto owned (i believe) by the same people involved with le rossignol. i think its more basic bistro. Queen and Logan in the old barrio space> saw they were open today. Anyone been, have any intel?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Same people as Le Rossignol and just opened this weekend. Couldn't locate additional info so didn't bother going yet... was going to cruise by and see if there was a menu or something.

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      1. re: jlunar

        I was walking by today and saw this menu posted outside. Steak frites was on the menu near the bottom but was not captured in my quick picture.

      2. A friend of mine went there the other day and said it was quite enjoyable. I'm now interested to try as she tends to have good taste.

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        1. re: Kassi22

          went there tonight, nice space inside...good food...i had the rilettes...grill is not working so no steak frites....nice menu some french classics, but with modern twists,,,very cocktail/beer heavy, light on wine....attentive, very friendly servers...

          1. re: pf9k

            Did you have or see the frites? Wondering if they are the same matchstick style as at Le Rossignol. I did enjoy them there, though that shape is not my preference, so I'm curious.

            1. re: Full tummy

              Had the duck, it was served with roasted potatoes and veg...didn't see any fries...

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              Yeah, I grabbed a copy of the menu from the owner last Saturday as they were putting up the sign, I noticed the cocktail/beer thing. How "light on wine" are they? A few bottles/glasses of each colour sort of thing?

              1. re: SharkfinSoup

                5 bottles of red...5 bottles of white...? all available as glass

          2. Had an unplanned date night with the BF last night and we ended up at Le Canard Mort. After our first visit I can say that I think this is a great casual addition to the hood!

            We had two beers (both Quebec beers) two cocktails, the olives, the sweetbreads, the calamari, the halloumi.

            The cocktails were tasty and unique. Mine was lavender and orange as the main tasting notes and it was lovely.

            The warmed olives were a generous serving and a lovely variety.

            The sweetbreads were done buffalo wing style and while that’s not my fav preparation they were hot, crispy, tender and cleaned well. The blue cheese “dip” provided was the prefect version and I wish I could have it with wings! :

            The calamari was served with greens, roasted cheery tomatoes, sun dried olives and I believe spring onion with a slightly sweet house made dressing. The salad was a little over dressed for my liking but the calamari was done perfectly, the pairings were lovely and the portion generous.

            The halloumi salad had the same greens as the calamari but was dressed with a more savoury dressing and featured orange and grapefruit segments and pickled fennel. Overall a very good dish but I would have like the grilled halloumi to be a bit hotter.

            All in all this is a great casual addition the hood blowing away the food at Joy and the Roy located right next door.

            I’m sure I will sample the menu from beginning to end before too long!

            1. The BF and I went back on Monday and I had the most amazing cocktail. It is called the Earl Grey and it was AMAZING! Really worth the visit alone.

              For dinner this time we had the snails, the smoked white fish nicoise style salad and the chicken cordon bleu. Both the salad and the chicken were great. While not traditional, the salad had sliced potato, oven roasted tomato, green beans and house smoked white fish topped with a prefectly poached egg. The frisee could have used a little more sald but over all it was very good.

              The chicken cordon bleu was stuff with raclette instead of the traditional swiss and it was great!! I would order it again in a second.

              The only miss of the night were the snail. Instead of the traditional garlic butter/mushroom it was like a chicken pot pie but with snails. Very very strange and not really appealing.

              I'm really happy that this place has moved into the hood. I'm sure this is going to be a regular night out for us.