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Jun 27, 2011 07:45 PM

Clink-- not worth the money

I know it's not new, but I only just recently ate at Clink. And I was not sorry that it took me this long. Lots of $$ for a mediocre/dull meal = thumbs down.

Started with the $25 charcuterie plate, shared with a friend. To be fair, the meat was good-- some prosciutto, lomo, chorizo, salami, , coppa, country paté. It was served with a grape mostard, which was fine, but didn't add much to the meat, and 3 breadsticks. I was glad I still had bread leftover from the bread basket they brought earlier, otherwise, it would have just been too much meat. As it was, it could have used some other accompaniments besides the mostard-- maybe some mustard and cornichons for the pate? Something else crunchy or vinegary to break up the rest of the fatty meats. Also, it was way too much meat for 2 people-- would have appreciated the waiter mentioning this.

I then ordered a $9 pea soup appetizer that was supposed to contain smoked flounder. I say "supposed" to, because there was literally a flake of flounder in there; if I wasn't looking for it in the bowl I would have missed it completely. The pea soup itself was fine but nothing to write home about (esp. when compared to the spring pea soup with parmesan at Market right now) Even more disappointing was a $9 side of pasta shells with cheese and smoked truffle salt. It was shells with butter and parm and if there was truffle salt on there, I couldn't taste it. $9 for either of these dishes was a ridiculous amount. I don't mind paying for food if it is worth it, but this wasn't.

My friend enjoyed her pappardelle with lamb ragu, which did look good. I definitely could have just ordered wrong; I'm sure there were better dishes on the menu. But $9 for a side portion of pasta with butter and parm? Not worth it...

Clink - The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

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  1. Stayed there last fall and had breakfast at Clink, and thought that was very good

    1. I have now eaten three meals at Clink and was underwhelmed each time. The setting is very interesting but the service was lackluster and the food was just average on every level.

      1. it's a lyons group project, just like back bay social club.


        eat at scampo.

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          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Lyons is the $ behind all the places in the Liberty, BBSC, Towne...ect. They always start off with a strong concept and then retreat back to club style management.

            1. re: Unfoodie

              towne and scampo at least have talented chefs attached. the rest are themes 1st, restaurants 2nd.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Agreed. The Lyons Group's non-celeb-chef joints have occasional bright spots (e.g., the beef on weck at Bleacher Bar), but it's best to think of them as saloons or dating bars first. The food isn't generally awful, but it's rarely the reason to go.