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Jun 27, 2011 05:40 PM

Artisanal breadmaking classes in Toronto?

Does anyone know of artisanal breadmaking classes in Toronto? I've been making sourdough for about one year now and would love to take some classes to improve my techniques.


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  1. You could either try out George Brown or knock on the door of one of the bakeries and ask nicely, to see if they do something like that. Dough on Danforth near Broadview does very nice breads,not sure if they do classes, but if I wanted to learn that would be one of the places I'd try.

    1. St. John Bakery takes in persons with an interest in artisanal baking, every 4 months I believe. Basically an internship, you learn and they sell the products to raise funds.

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        They do indeed and I believe it happens early in the morning during the week.

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          Great, thanks for your replies, I'm going to follow up!