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Jun 27, 2011 04:18 PM

Jerk in DC

Hi -- My family and I will be visiting DC next week and are looking for some good food suggestions. Specifically, we'd like to find a place with good (or great!) Jamaican jerk chicken/pork, fried plantains, etc. The place needs to be reachable via public transportation. And some family members aren't too crazy about visiting dangerous neighborhoods (if any place happens to be in one). Upscale or bare-bones. Lunch or dinner. Sit down, take out, or food truck -- they all work for us. Suggestions?

Thanks for helping,


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  1. Try Sweet Mango Cafe
    3701 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20010-1601
    (202) 726-2646 () ‎

    Its next to Petworth Metro Station you should be fine

    1. There is Negril in Silver Spring. It's about 10-15 mins. walk from the SS Metro station. You can eat in, but it's better for take-out. The parking situation there is lousy, however.

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        If you are close to Silver Spring I would try Negril

      2. There is a negril right by Howard University. Not a sitdown place though.

        1. Just Jerk has some of the best jerk in the DC area in my opinion. Its a roadside smokehouse with a few seats at a counter. Call ahead for pick up. And if you ask for very spicy it WILL be very spicy. The only problem is its out in Lanham, MD. And the closest metro is probably New Carrollton which is still about a mile away. Theres all sorts of buses that go out there but I couldnt tell you which ones to take.

          Just Jerk
          9005 Lanham Severn Road
          Lanham, MD 20706-2913
          (301) 459-5375

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            Just Jerk is kinda out of the way don't you think for people from out of town to travel

            1. re: agarnett100

              Not for serious Hounds. My wife is constantly amazed that I stop by Joe's when traveling from Baltimore to Reston b/c in my mind it's "on the way".

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                And thus my caveat about it not being easily accessible. But there are buses that go out there and they mentioned their willingness to take public transportation. And its got some of the best Jamaican food around so its hard not to mention it. But it would take considerably more effort to reach (and get back from) then a downtown stop situated neatly along a metro line no doubt. So only if you have lots of time and are feeling adventurous...

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                  It's a shame, because Just Jerk is so much better than Negril's. But my only experience with Negril's is the Mitchellville's become kinda not worth the stop. For those who know the location of Just Jerk it would be a big hassle to deal with the bus. You would have to go down 450 and get off at the Mc'D's and run across six lanes of traffic, or go down 450 a ways, get off and take a bus going back the other way. There used to be a panhandler that stood at the median strip of 450 and Lanham Severn, I used to call him Santa. Huge white beard, always had a good word and a wave. I would buy him dollar doulbe cheeses from Mc D's and hand em out the window, he still wanted a few bucks, but was thankful for the burger. Don't see him anymore, now it tends to be not as friendly younger panhandlers. Just Jerk is still worth the trip though maybe not for someone relying on public transportation.

                  Just Jerk
                  9005 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

                  1. re: cb1

                    Santa is still there a few days a week. Just Jerk would be a bit of a challenge for an out of towner

            2. Judging from their website, it looks like the Sweet Mango Cafe is catering only. But Negril looks good and very reachable by public transportation. Thanks for the suggestions!

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                Just got back from Just Jerk ordered a 1/4 jerk chicken platter with cabbage and rice and peas. The sides were good and flavor full. The chicken was mosit with a hint of smoke. The jerk on the chicken was however lacked the bold flavor and heat of the jerk I am used to. I don't think the chicken spent enough time in the marinade.