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Jun 27, 2011 03:22 PM

Fresh Sardines?

Does anyone know where you can purchase fresh sardines in the city?
Thank you!

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  1. I've spotted them sometimes in seafood store on Grand Street in Chinatown, or you can try the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. When they have it, it's really fresh, and I believe now it's the beginning of the season.

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      Astoria, 30th avenue in the mid 30's and also on 33rd street just north of northern blvd-- I am sorry I don't have any exact addresses, but both these locations in Queens cater to the Greek population there and nearly always have both atlantic sardines as well as imported ones from time to time

    2. My favorite place to buy them was POPULAR Fish Market in Newark's Ironbound, fresh crates come off the TAP Portugal plane every Friday morning. The PATH train gets you there in a half hour...worth it!

      1. The fish store on 9th Avenue, near the Port Authority bus station (in the low 40s) usually has them. I forget the exact cross streets and the name of the place. Anyone??? Fairway has them occasionally, as well.

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          Seabreeze Fish Market 40th and 9th. Also, try Seabreeze on 18th Avenue & 85th Street in Brooklyn

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            Same people? I went to the 18th Ave & 85th location. Not a bad place at all.

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              The 18th Av location is amazing. They also have sardines constantly.

          2. Ive gotten them at Whole Foods in the past

            1. I saw some on display at Eataly earlier today.