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Restaurant Week - visiting from the UK - I have time for one solo lunch

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I'll be in New York on vacation, and July 11th will be my last day. For most of my stay I'll be hunting out good cheap eats, but I thought I'd take advantage of Restaurant Week to go somewhere special for my last lunch. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

I'll be a solo casual/smart female diner, so I would prefer to avoid anywhere too formal or hushed, unless they have a reputation of being comfortable with solo diners (I myself am perfectly comfortable eating alone in formal restaurants, but have noticed on those occasions when I stick out like a sore thumb, that other diners seem to feel uncomfortable). So maybe somewhere with a counter, or with a buzzy atmosphere?

I'm allergic to shellfish so have to be careful with cuisines like Thai, that might have sauces with shrimp-like ingredients. But I like vibrant tastes so would prefer something that isn't too bland.

There are so many restaurants on the list that it would take me a long time to work through them and look at reviews, so I'd welcome any suggestions that might narrow down my search, I appreciate that might come across as lazy, but I haven't been to Manhattan for over ten years so I'm very grateful for help.

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