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Jun 27, 2011 01:29 PM


Hi Everyone:

Thought I'd make some baked stuffed shrimp for the fourth of July weekend. Any ideas about where I could buy some colossal shrimp that won't put me in the poorhouse? Thanks!

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  1. I would try Yankee Lobster - they may have pricing online, but could certainly field that question via telephone

    Yankee Lobster
    300 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

    1. The Fruit Marketplace in Milton always has them for around $18.99/pound...and they are delicious!

      1. Burke's on Billings Rd. in N. Quincy has them or will get them by telephone order. They are always very, very fresh and muy delicious! And, my wife makes the best baked stuffed shrimp in the whole world with them. I never order them in a restaurant.
        Yikes! Now I'm going to have to get her to make them this weekend!

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        1. re: CocoDan

          Could you put her recipe on the Homecooking board.

          1. re: Taralli

            May be a couple of days, but I'll get it.

          2. re: CocoDan

            Yes I'd be interested in seeing your wife's recipe as well. Thanks.

            1. re: chefematician

              The classic recipe where I grew up was a mixture of celery and onion with a lil bit of garlic, fine dice, with melted butter, lotsa Ritz Cracker crumbs, finely chopped parsley and a bit of sherry or lemon juice. If you're feeling celebratory, add some snow crab meat. :)

              Twin Oaks
              100 Sabra St, Cranston, RI 02910

              1. re: okra

                My recipe for both baked stuffed shrimp and baked stuffed lobster is very similar, but with the addition of finely chopped mushrooms.

                Did anyone try the fresh gulf shrimp from Dave's in Davis Square last week? I'll be trying them tomorrow or Friday if they're available again this week.

                1. re: okra

                  That's too funny, Twin Oaks was the place which flashed into my mind when I saw the title of this thread. I miss going there on my (and everyone's) birthday! Fond memories indeed.

            2. New Deal had some monster shrimp last week.