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Jun 27, 2011 12:36 PM

Help! Need to give a gift certificate to a Milwaukee friend but I don't live there!

A friend did a HUGE favor for me and now I need to thank him. He and wife live in Milwaukee so I thought I'd get him a gift certificate to a nice date place, fairly upscale (no chains but not the best place in town either). They are foodies and fairly adventurous, and while I have no idea where in the city they live, he travels often so won't mind driving across town.

I live in Boston so have no clue where to start. Any suggestions for me?

Thanks very much,

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  1. I'd recommend getting a card for one of two restaurant groups, either SURG or Bartolotta group. Surg includes more trendy restaurants, such as Umami Moto and Carnevor. Bartalotta, offers great choices as well, such as lake Park Bistro and Bacchus. You can check either out at their respective websites to see what your friends may like more. Either way, your friends will be familiar with the restaurants and very pleased with the choices they have.

    724 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

    Umami Moto
    17800 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045

    1. That is very nice of you to reward your friend and his wife. You cannot go wrong with a gift card to the Bartolottas Restaurants. They are excellent restaurants and offer a good range of cuisine and prices. If your friends have lived in Milwaukee for any amount of time I am sure they have heard of them and would appreciate a meal in one of their restaurants.

      1. KoolWhip and Sailing77, thanks to both of your for your recs. A gift card from bartollattas is in the mail!


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          I agree with the other posts! And, Valyn, feel free to ask me to do you a favor any time if the reward is a Bartollata certificate!! LOL