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Jun 27, 2011 11:42 AM

Tybee Island - Restaurant Recs and Where to Buy Fresh Seafood

Headed to Tybee for the 4th of July weekend for 5 nights from Asheville. From my searches it looks like good choices for dinner and lunch would be AJ's Dockside, Sundae Cafe and Tybee Island Social Club. Any other suggestions? Also, we'd like to cook in a few nights - what are some recs for the best places to pick up fresh shrimp and seafood?? Thanks!

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  1. Huc-a-poo's is a lot of fun in a bohemian atmosphere. Good pizzas whole or by the slice. A slice is a quarter pizza, so you might start with one. Knucklehead nachos are good too.

    Bowie's Seafood at the first traffic light is the best seafood market on Tybee. The local shrimp season just got started on Wednesday, so you're in luck. Tybee Market IGA also sells fresh local shrimp, as well as killer store-made sausage. Grill some sausage, boil up some shrimp, maybe some red potatoes and corn, open a cold malt beverage, and enjoy.

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      Thanks! Other recs welcome too...

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        I like Aj's. It's not the BEST seafood I've ever had but it's really solid and the atmosphere is nicely laid back.

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          AJs and Sundae are excellent informal seafood restaurants. FWIW, I've had some of the best seafood I've ever eaten at AJs including their nightly specials and their buffalo shrimp appetizer. They don't often have them, but do get their fried grouper fingers if they're available. Sundae's appears to be equally solid, but I've only eaten there a couple of times (fried oysters or fried shrimp are fresh, plentiful, and spectacular!).

          The Social Club has excellent and very creative tacos - there's a pork and raisin one that is a party in your mouth. They're doing a good job over there on Butler.