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Jun 27, 2011 10:55 AM

BBQ catering

I'm thinking about getting BBQ takeout/catering for my birthday dinner this year - get a bunch of meat, sides, etc. to my house, and my friends & I can enjoy at our leisure.
Has anyone done catering with a local BBQ place? Any thoughts?

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  1. Yes, I had BBQ catered for a company lunch from Community Q and it was awesome! We had the pulled pork and chicken. Mac 'n cheese for sure! They delivered and it was very easy.

    1. Maybe not quite up to the level of Community Q, but I've used Pig n Chik for catered barbecue before. IIRC, they deliver for free on a $100 minimum order.

      1. For my last birthday, we got bbq for about 20 from Sam's BBQ1 in East Cobb. They have a bulk menu, but I'm not sure if they deliver. We got pulled pork, chicken, collards, and mac 'n cheese. It was excellent!

        1. It's got to be Lowcountry Barbecue.

          1. Community Q is very good if you are in the Decatur/Emory area. For the I-75/I-285 area near Sandy Springs/Vinings, I would go with Heirloom BBQ. Both are very good, with excellent sides and a very wide selection of meats. Heirloom has some Korean influences as well.