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Jun 27, 2011 10:50 AM

Visiting NOLA October 2011

We will be visiting NOLA again this October (we visit every October for a long weekend!), and want to know if softshell crabs will still be in season there, as well as where can we find the freshest oysters on the half shell (the last time Felix's beat out Acme). Also, this isn't a foodie question: we were in NOLA this past February & did the touristy swamp tour-didn't see a darn thing! Would it pay to try it again in October, or should we spend our swamp money on food & libations? Thanks!

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  1. Every place has fresh oysters. As for the best raw oysters I'll let the battle begin... By October signs of the freshwater presence in some oyster beds may be gone and the salinity back up. But the water will still be warm. In the past two months the raw oysters in Mobile, Panama City and Apalachicola have been fantastic with almost over the top salinity. Using cocktail sauce would be a sin!

    You hit the swamp tour at the wrong time. Another month or two later and you get great spring foliage, some birds, but the gators can still be rare. October will be much better for gator sighting although if we get a few cold nights in October a few will be moving toward hibernation. And touring in an open boat is so much more pleasant in mid-late October. If you take a tour near LaPlace or towards Thibadeaux check in here for some lunch spot recs.

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      Thanks! I can't wait to get back down to my favorite place on earth!! We actually had some pretty tasty oysters at Cooter Brown's back in February. I also tried them roasted for the first time ever while we were at Felix's and I had to stop moaning before they threw me out! They were THE BEST tasting ANYTHING I have ever had!!

    2. Plantation Adventures offers a combo plantation and swamp tour. They will pick you up and take you to two plantations. You will have lunch at Frenier's Landing overlooking Lake Pontchartrain and then go on a swamp tour. Good luck.

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        Thank you! Never even thought of doing a combo tour. We will defintely look into that!

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          Here's their link.

          And here's where you will have lunch.

          Frenier Landing Restaurant @ Peavine Road, LaPlace, LA 985 - 224 - 2178.