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Jun 27, 2011 10:01 AM

Best meal ever

To procrastinate studying, I've decided to start a thread on your best meal ever. Mine was this past spring- the tasting menu at Roberg in Israel. . The location is right on top of the Kinneret with amazing views (picture below). They have two tv screens playing live views of the kitchen so you can see the chef preparing your courses. It comes with two glasses of wine.

Below is a picture of our first course, filled with multiple salads (including the most amazing liver mousse with candied onions), eggplant with lamb kefka, candied eggplant, and red pepper bread).

The soup course had an orange soup and a leek soup, both amazingly smooth with complex flavors.

Fish course was a whitefish fried with a sweet type sauce drizzled with a wasabi sorbet.

Then had a lemon sorbet cleanser.

Next were five different proteins in succession, 3 different types of chicken entrees, with two beef entrees, one being steak.

The dessert is pictured below, including a chocolate cake and a coconut gel.

We were beyond stuffed and thoroughly enjoyed this meal- highly recommended to anyone going up north in Israel!

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  1. My most memorable meal was the Mesorah dinner in LA a few years ago. BTW, they're doing another one this year, this time in Chicago. The price is $250, and if I could afford it I'd go.

    Other memorable meals I've had include the tasting menu at Mike's Bistro (with paired wines), and the sample platter at Hess in Jerusalem (the only time I've had foie gras).

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      A guide for the perplexed, because some readers of this board might not know what a mesrah diner is.

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        I have heard Dr. Greenspan speak. He was fascinating, the meal sounded icky. I came away half convinced that turkey is not kosher...

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          I remember when Breuer's people would not eat turkey, not sure if that is still true.

    2. Dining out in Jerusalem. Lucky you. I think I love food too much to choose a "best", but since you have me thinking of the wonderful food in Jerusalem, I would say that the best a tasting menu prepared by Michael Basson of Eucalyptus. I have heard that there are other reasons to go to Jerusalem, but I go just for the food ;-)

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        My wedding meal. It wouldn't pass muster for higher levels of kashrus observance but the food was phenomenal. We worked with Gundel in Budapest to procure only kosher ingredients and use all new or industrially cleaned utensils/pots/etc.

        Spinach and mushroom bourekas
        Matzoh ball in goose broth
        Smoked salmon with toast points
        Goose liver pate
        Meatloaf of goose breast
        Roasted goose leg
        Mashed potatoes with goose cracklings
        Sweet red cabbage
        Dark chocolate jewelry box filled with mixed summer berries

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          Sounds wonderful. I hope it was the first of many happy dinners together.

      2. For me it was clearly Papagaio when I went to visit my daughter in Haifa. All you can eat meat restaurant in a wonderful setting. Considering what you get the price is extremely reasonable to boot.

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          now that's my kinda restaurant.

          Pardes, LOL

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            Would agree on Roberg. The tasting menu is outstanding, and you can ask for more of anything that you like. When I was there, we asked for the goose liver to be refilled twice as well as other salads, and some of the protein tastings. In addition, they were extremely accommodating regarding a peanut allergy, and brought the protein with something else. Great wine list also.
            Been to Papagaio. Lots of meat, and I love grilled meat, but it's all about quantity, and not fine dining.

        2. The tasting menu at Pardes is my best Kosher meal, to date. 10+ amazing courses. We didn't opt for wine, but we're not big drinkers. I haven't been able to afford a trip to Israel since I started paying yeshiva tuitions - maybe one day...

          1. Best meal ever? One of the couple of times I've had a tasting menu at Mike's Bistro (the paired wines are nice, but the food is incredible).

            I will say though, that since you brought up the north of Israel, the best fish I've ever had was at Dag al haDan. It's waaaay up there (east of kiryat shmona, though still in pre-'67 Israel), and they have a trout farm. Specialty seems to be a couple of different preparations of trout, which they remove from the water moments before, and the meals come with several salads.