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Jun 27, 2011 08:28 AM

Now what do I do with the saffron?

over the weekend I made Paella, spent a small fortune getting saffron to use a very minuscule amount. Now what do I do with it? Recipe suggestions?

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  1. A quick fish stew with tomatoes, clams, mussels, white fish, garlic, shallots and a good pinch of that saffron would be nice!

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      1. Risotto Milanese. Lidia Bastianich has a nice recipe.

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          +1 and don't leave out the bone marrow; it makes the dish.

        2. Store it well and keep it dry, and outa light and save for future uses. But it does go great with rice and light tasting grains. On the NFNS, one of the contestants made a middle eastern dessert that was a saffron rice pudding type thing that got RAVE reviews on the show, no idea on recipe.

            1. I just added saffron to my peach cobbler yesterday, and it was delicious. Dry roast a bit in a hot cast iron skillet, cool, crumble and add to a bit of warm milk, then into the cobber, along with some roasted almonds.