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Jun 27, 2011 08:13 AM

Slice - Birmingham

Anyone been yet?

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  1. I went for lunch the first day they were open. They only offer a few varieties by the slice right now and while my lunch was overpriced at $7 or 8 for a small salad and a smaller slice, I saw online that they are now offering $3 slices, which is a better pricing decision, I think. The pizza itself was pretty good. It has a relatively thin crust that maintains it's shape moreso than a NY or neopolitan pizza. The ingredients were fresh, but the combinations of toppings were nothing too new. The space was nice and welcoming and when it cools off a bit, the patio will be great. They have 10 or 12 beers on tap, all of which are from Alabama, plus a very good bottle selection. All in all, I think that it has potential and I'd like to order a whole pie at dinner one night.

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      I forgot to write that I went last week for dinner with my girlfriend. $19 for the Mexican 12 inch pie is a bit spendy but it's a darn good pizza. The pork closely resembles carnitas in taste and texture, the crust is good but it was soft (they apparently dropped the first one so probably rushed the 2nd one out). Two small (overdressed but otherwise delicious) salads were not bad at $5 each. The two IPAs I had were from Alabama but forgot the breweries (not bham). The service was excellent. I will have to return to try a pepperoni pie hopefully cooked a little crispier - I *like* a little char on my crust. It's definitely a great addition to the area.

      1. re: Dax

        Dax, you probably had the Monkeynaut from Straight to Ale Brewing out of Huntsville.

        Here's a question for all: If I'm paying a premium price for pizza, where to go and why?

        My choice probably would be Bettola. I love the wood oven, their crust and the quality of the ingredients they use. Also, being more like a Neapolitan pizza, it's just different from the pizza I've been accustomed to eating.

        2901 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

        1. re: Big Daddy

          I would agree in theory but in my maybe 8 experiences (none in the last year) eating *pizza* there, they have had consistency issues with their crust. Sometimes it is just too soggy even on a simple Margherita which is too bad because the chewiness of their crust is hard to beat.

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            I'm certainly a Bettola fan as well. I agree with Dax on the inconsistency issue, but I've found that that means the quality ranges from very good to excellent.

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              When to Bettola for lunch today. My wife got eggplant and roasted red bell pepper pizza. It was tragic. The crust was like a big wet floppy lasagna noodle. Really disappointing. I got gnocchi with a cherry tomato sauce that was pleasant, but for the money, a surprisingly dinky portion (at most cup of pasta/sauce). Cost $35 for lunch with tip and two drinks (Diet Cokes). Needless to say, we won't hurry back.

              We went to Slice last weekend and liked it a lot better. The "Old School" pizza was really pretty good. We also tried their wings, which were decent even if not classic (when the heck are we going to get a Wild Wing Cafe in Birmingham?). I was on call, so no beer. Next time......

              We really like the Johnny Brusco's Pizza up in Jasper when we're up at the lake. The pizza is quite good (we love the meatball and eggplant) and consistent. The Vestavia Hills location is neither as consistently good nor as pleasant an environment to eat in.

      2. FYI BigBham (kind of like groupon) has a $15 for $30 gift cert "deal" today for Slice. Excludes alcohol.