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Jun 27, 2011 06:43 AM

4 nights in Buffalo without a car

Staying at the Hyatt Regency and will be cabbing or taking public transit. Looking for good restaurants easy to get to and appropriate for dining alone.

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  1. Check the boards for various recommendations, but here are a few ideas:

    There are a few places in downtown which I would try: Sea Bar City and Bacchus spring to mind. Lots of cheesy frat-boy bars along Chippewa (with some good places mixed in). You could also walk a short way up Franklin to Rue Franklin. A bit further north and you will find yourself around Allen St., center of Allentown and a variety of bars and restaurants. Depending on how you feel about walking, you might walk north along Delaware and cross over to Elmwood (parallel west of Delaware) at some point. Lots of places to try in in the Elmwood area, especially north of say Children's Hospital. Or you could try taking a bus or cab from/to downtown.

    You could also take the "subway" up to the south campus stop (northern most station) where you could go to a few places along Main St. like Shango. Hopefully some locals chime in here...

    Rue Franklin
    Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202

    3260 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

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      Thanks! Just got back and had a great time. Rue Franklin was extraordinary! Europa Bistro very good and also Kuni's. And great lunch at the Globe Market. Enjoyed Elmwood Village immensely along with the tours given by Campaign for Greater Buffalo. I'll be back!

      Rue Franklin
      Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202

      Globe Market
      762 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

      226 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

    2. I am local, and second everything jmoryl said. Another idea would be Hutch's on Delaware. Take the subway to the Delavan-College stop and walk up Delavan. You would probably be most comfortable doing this before dark.

      107 Evans St, Batavia, NY 14020