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Jun 27, 2011 04:15 AM

Newfoundland Food 2011 Visit Update Fishers' Loft

Love it! A place where Veuve Cliquot costs only slightly more than in the liquor store. Where much of the produce is grown by themselves in gardens as beautiful as they are productive of delicious vegetables, herbs and flowers.

- A delicious cod tongue amuse gueule
- Fabulous tiny brown loaves - the best since my sister's
- A lovely green salad of their own greens
- Fresh boiled local lobster with a roasted potato salad with balslmic vinegar
- Cheesecake of substance and flavour with partidge berry sauce

All looking over a lovely view of water, rocks and garden, friendly service and beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

- passing good croissants with delicious local berry preserves and marmelade
- choice of bacon and eggs or partridge berry pancakes - hmm, what would you choose? - the pancakes were excellent

It's a set meal with a non-seafood alternative - the next night was to be salmon or beef tenderloin - I really wanted to stay another night...

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  1. Nice review. What town is it in?

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      Fishers' Loft is in Port Rexton - beautiful scenery - but I've never eaten there