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Jun 27, 2011 03:56 AM

Newfoundland Food 2011 Visit Updates

A simple little bakery cafe - great for breakfast, a simple lunch or a jiggs dinner. Bread, (white, whole wheat and multigrain - no sugar versions available), scones, squares, cookies and tea biscuits. They do toutons on request and the pie crust is very good in pies, turnovers and flips. The trifle is good but sadly dependent on canned fruit cocktail and jello. Sadly partridge berries were too expensive last year so none in scones. They were so good.

And did I mention the couple who run it - Randy the cook and Daphne the baker - so funny and friendly.

And a great location - overlooking the Holyrood boardwalk and beach

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  1. Nice review. What is the name of the bakery?

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