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Jun 27, 2011 02:04 AM

Almond Crunch recipe - savoury

I am seeking a recipe or advice on how to create an almond crunch as a accompaniant with cheese. (scattered around the plate)

It should be savoury so preferably no added suger... Other ingredients could be used aswell eg~ coffee

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  1. Are you looking for something more than just spiced nuts? Something more like a brittle or granola sort of thing? Any particular cheeses you're serving?

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    1. re: nemo

      They will be French cheeses... 3 tiny portions each of varying strongness & flavour. I had a similar cheese dish served to me in France where they used a coffee crumble scattered between the cheeses which worked really well. It wasn't sweet so perhaps I could just grind almonds ... but unsure whether to aqdd any other ingredients ...

    2. mandarin, I'm bumping your post because I'm curious as to what people will suggest. Also, I'm wondering what you mean by a crumble. Was the coffee crumble just coarse ground coffee beans?

      1. brittles are either sugar or honey-based. you can add other savory components, like salt, fennel, rosemary or thyme and just use small amounts of sweet.

        you can also make spiced nuts.

        i'm unclear on what you're after, i guess.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          It's frustrating because it's hard to describe (recreate). It wasn't just ground coffee beans.... it was like a slightly coffee flavoured savoury crumble (which was crunchy) which was scattered in a line acrross the plate. THe idea was that it was a "cheese journey" - 3 types of good quality French cheeses designed to eat in a certain order and was broken up by eating the crumble in between - it was spectacular and am trying to work out how to recreate the "crumble" part. ... perhaps some savoury cookie, crushed almonds & a sprinkle of coffee work work. I will keep you posted with my findings

          1. re: mandarin

            what about savory shortbread cookies? certainly you could espresso powder to a recipe.