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Jun 26, 2011 10:10 PM

Food Network Star (6/26 Episode) [spoilers]


Justin B goes home.

Can't say I'm too disappointed. His freakishly large earholes was beginning to give me the creeps.

How does a person not know they are burning cheese? Isn't tasting your food part of the things you're supposed to do before, y'know, plating and serving?

  1. His ear plugs were small compared to a lot of the culinary students I see every semester. What I thought was creepy was his ending remarks, that he'd be a cockroach?!?!???

    1. Could she have tasted her dish before serving? Crazy that she thought Chris was throwing her under the bus for pointing out that someone said the sauce was burning. SHE should have known.

      1. I was surprised at Penny's astonishment at the burned cheese; it had been mentioned earlier but she didn't check it-just said it wasn't theirs and went on. Big mistake, very arrogant. While Susie says PD is empowered, Penny takes it way too far; while it is indeed a challenge, good attitude and sharing play a great part.
        Justin D. 's glasses are retro (my ex had a pair 45 years ago!) and seems to have nothing great to offer. Chris is barely coping. Whitney and Orchid are kind of stuck in place. Jyll seems techincally okay, but is very reminiscent of Melissa D'Arabian. Justin B's attitude was clearly wrong at the end, but his dishes were generally nice; however, he did NOT have camera presence. Mary Beth is keeping a notch up, and Vic Vegas is growing. Aside from the tatoos, he can be very charasmatic. We'll see.

        1. There's an already in progress thread about this episode here: so we're going to lock this one.