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Jun 26, 2011 09:03 PM

Il Gabbiano and other celebration restaurants

Hi all, I am being charged with the responsibility of choosing a restaurant for my family to celebrate a multitude of occasions. My parents are pescatarians who do not eat shellfish, and are admittedly not huge foodies (love good food, but not fussy or complicated). In the past, they enjoyed The Forge for its surroundings, though the food was just mediocre. Prime 112 did quite well for their fish, sides and the general surroundings. My mom mentioned Il Gabbiano to try something new. Has anyone been recently? If not there, where else would you recommend given these restrictions? Anywhere from Boca to Miami is fine. Is Eduardo de San Angel still well regarded in Ft. Lauderdale? I appreciate any and all help.


Prime 112 Restaurant
112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. zuma or nobu. I have not been to gabbiano in a long time but I did have a great snapper there when I did.

    1. Eduardo de San Angel is still excellent!

      1. Il Gabbiano is very good, but expensive. I don't know how many fish options they will have there. In the Downtown Miami area, the River Oyster generally has several good fish options, as does Oceanaire.

        The River Oyster Bar
        650 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33130

        1. I've been to Il Gabbiano twice over the past year and was blown away both times.

          I can't speak for the fish dishes, but I suggest you reserve an early dinner time so you can be assured of having one of the outdoor tables overlooking the bay.

          Is pescatarian their only dining restriction? What wins diners over at Gabbiano is the onslaught of freebie apps. They'll hit your table with bruschetta, sliced parmesan, bread, and fried zucchini chips before you even crack open the menu. It's impressive -- and tasty -- but not if none of that appetizes you.