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Jun 26, 2011 08:38 PM

Knife safe leaves marks on blade - Help?

Hey all -

I recently bought a Victorinox knife safe from Amazon so that I could safely transport my 8" Ikon chef's knife to a friend's house for an upcoming party. I put the safe around the blade and removed it to find that the rubber pads inside the plastic housing left marks on the steel.

I haven't tried "extreme" measures yet - only a light rub with Dawn dish detergent. That reduced the marks, but didn't remove them.

I'm thinking of trying rubbing alcohol. Would that hurt the steel? Up from there I considered a Chore-Boy scrubber or something similar.

Anyone have a similar problem? It's just me being fussy at cosmetics, but I wanted to ask the experts!

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  1. Hi Professor Chaos,

    It depends what causes the mark. If the mark is the plastic/rubber residue left on the knife, then you can remove it. If the mark is metal removal from the knife, then you pretty much has to live with the marks. So we will just assume the first case for now because you don't have many easy options for the second case.

    Rubbing alcohol will not hurt the steel for sure, and probably won't hurt the logo on the knife either. I won't use any aggressive scrubber because you can scratch the knife. I will also try a few things aside of rubbing alcohol. You can try to apply cooking oil on a paper towel and rub the spot a few times to see if it helps. Cooking oil is very useful in removing certain sticky substance. You can also use your fingernail to see if you can scratch of the marks. You should able to tell in a few attempts.

    When you noticed the marks did you react like this following kid?

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      I cannot thank you enough. Plain old vegetable oil did the trick!

      The marks weren't metal removed - they were as if there was something or other on the rubber grips and it was marking up the blade. Didn't even need to resort to rubbing alcohol!

      I was spazzing out because I've never even USED the knife yet. I just bought it when Williams-Sonoma ran their one day deal with the 8" chef's knife and the IKON sharpener for $99. And I just got it last week due to its having been backordered.

      Now I know - put some paper towel between the rubber feet and the steel!

      Thanks again, Chemical!

      1. re: ProfessorBear

        I am glad that it worked out for you. I didn't think it would be a real metal removal scratch, but there is always a chance.

        "8" chef's knife and the IKON sharpener for $99"

        That is a good deal for that price.

        Good luck.

    2. Rubbing alcohol won't hurt the blade but I doubt it will remove the marks either, from the picture in my head the lines of the blade running spine to edge are probably clogged with the rubber, or plastic. If it is rubber any rubber solvent will take it out of the grooves, but plastic ahh not so good

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      1. re: Dave5440

        No - different thing that you're imagining...

        Here's a link to the item on amazon:

        It's not a wholly rubber thing, but pressure-applying feet (more or less) to hold the blade still inside the plastic shell. I'd seen similar safes at the Le Creuset outlet for their Issard knives, but these were cheaper :-p The veggie oil took off the marks - thankfully.