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Jun 26, 2011 04:50 PM

GW Market "Coming Soon" on Rockville Pike

Despite it's proximity to Washington, I wonder if the GW is short for "Great Wall".

Has anybody looked in the windows?

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  1. Yes, the 'Coming Soon' sign has been up for months. GW does indeed stand for Great Wall and will be the Maryland location of a chain of chinese grocery stores that already has a number of locations on the East Coast. I occasionally shop at the Great Wall supermarket in Merrifield and love the quality and price of its produce as well as the selection of seafood. GW should really give Kam Sam and Maxim competition in the Rockville area.

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      1. re: Pappy

        Pappy, it's in the old "Jeepers" space across from Pho 75 / China Bistro.

        It will be much bigger than Kam Sam and Maxim, no doubt, but still kinda small for one of the Asian "supermarkets". But I'll be glad not to have to drive to H-Mart in Gaithersburg or Super Q in Germantown.

        China Bistro
        755 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD

    1. Is this in the building directly across the Pike from Giant's northern exit?
      Do they have a nice salad bar? I'm right there virtually every day, and would really like another healthy lunch alternative.

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      1. re: mdfoodlover

        Yes, right across the street from the Giant and right next to the Sunoco station. I don't think they will have a salad bar in the American sense - It is a Chinese grocery. I don't know if the store will duplicate the GW in Merrifield, but if they do - it will have a hot food area similar to what they have at Kam Sam and Maxim, only it will be bigger and the food items will be different and will have an area where you can eat it. It will also have roasted meats (cha siao, roasted pig, duck, chicken, etc.) and a bakery (think bao, cakes, etc).

        1. re: comestibles

          Hard to tell exactly what they'll have - this store is a fraction the size of the Merrifield location.

          1. re: DanielK

            Not so. It appears to be at least the same size as the Merrifield location, but with a different store configuration. There was a soft opening July 1. The supermarket has the same departments as the store in Merrifield, including the bakery, roasted meats, food court w/eating space, large seafood counter. Not all departments are running full steam yet. The most interesting area is the seafood counter (not fish counter) where they have live dungeness crabs, crystal crabs, stone crabs, crabs from China, lobster (some look to be at least 3-4 lbs), conch, razor clams, marble Goby, and yellow snails. There are a few nice sales going on too, especially some of the mangoes.