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Jun 26, 2011 04:43 PM

Stupid (faux baking) questions

So, let me preface this by saying I am a cooker not a baker; hence, the dumbest questions will follow.
If I am making drumstick cake like this:
1. If I don't want to use raw eggs, can I beat them with sugar over a bain marie.
2. Can I make it a day or two ahead and just keep it in the freezer (I know, a silly question).

Also, if I am making a no bake key lime cheesecake for refrigferation or freezing, can I make and refrigerate for a couple of days or will the crust get soggy?

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  1. I would not cook the eggs for this recipe over your water bath, in fact, I wouldn't use eggs at all.

    It reads like the eggs in the recipe are being used to bind the filling together, so I would replace the binding agent altogether with something such as bananas or tofu - use about 1/4 cup for each egg being replaced.

    If the mix seems a bit dry, you can use milk, water, or pureed silken tofu to get the right consistency. As to preparing ahead and sticking in the freezer - I wouldn't put it in the freezer as it may not thaw correctly, just put in an air tight container, and put in the fridge and it should be fine for a couple of days.

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      The recipe calls for the drumstick cake to be frozen, so I'd say keeping it frozen for a couple of days shouldn't be a problem. I mean, basically it's an ice cream cake. Freeze away.

    2. You can use pasteurized eggs if you're worried about using raw eggs. I also think it would work w/out the eggs but it wouldn't be as rich like custard. You can make it in advance and freeze, no problems since the recipe calls for it to be frozen (it is a Drumstick,after all). Just make sure it's well wrapped.

      And, your no bake key lime crust should be fine if you make it in advance (I like that the crust absorbs some of the topping) but if you're worried, you can brush a thin layer of white chocolate on the crust before adding the topping.