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Jun 26, 2011 03:36 PM

Alsina at Cornerstone, Sonoma

Had lunch this week at Alsina the latest incarnation of hte restaurant at the garden center at Cornerstone on Arnold Dr on way to Sonoma. It's a south american grilled meat focused menu
Prices for salads with option of adding grilled meat or chicken were around $10 with add $3-4 for meat or chicken. There was also a portobello sandwich, grass fed beef burger and some empanadas and south american cold meats plate in same price range
Main course meat dishes ranged around 18-22$ - grilled pork, steak, kebab

Salad was good and meat nicely done portobello burger was good

They had south american wine by glass and coffee - advertised as cafe con leche - but tasted like latte but decent coffee.

It's an order at hte counter and your food will be brought to you. Tables inside and outside - outside very nicely shaded by olive trees. Service was very slow - large group arrived just in front of us - but I think lot of staff are new to job also.

Overall nice stopping off place between Marin and Sonoma proper. Didnt have time to explore wine tasting and shopping options but looked fun.

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  1. Thanks for posting about Alsina. I've been wanting to try it since reading that the owners of now closed El Raigon moved to Sonoma and now they're grilling outside. Prices on the menu seem lower than when they were in the City, win-win.

    23584 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA 95476

    1. Glad to hear that there is more interesting food in that location than before. I've enjoyed Cornerstone since it opened a few years ago, but the cafe has always been just "OK if you're already there and hungry". I've always thought Cornerstone (formerly called Cornerstone Place) was a brave concept in that wine country location. The art galleries and gardens aren't your usual wine country fare. The gardens aren't flower or vegetable gardens, but instead are art constructions created by landscape architects and designers. I like the place a lot and recommend a stop there for everyone so you can check out the galleries and gardens (and now the improved food) for yourself.