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Jun 26, 2011 02:35 PM

Blue Sage Grille Southampton PA

This is the best vegetarian restaurant. Wish there was a location closer to my house.
I would eat here more often if I could! Must try this place today!

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      +1 for Blue Sage...I am almost glad it is an hour drive for me or I would be there weekly rather than a few times a month!!
      No "fake meat" here....The BEST veggie/vegan soups....wonderful smoked tomato gazpacho in the summer, black bean, corn and potato chowder (be forewarned....only 1 or 2 soups available daily but others can be purchased by the quart to go).
      amazing veggie sliders served with fried yucca strips...heavenly!
      Added many new things recently! Be sure to get a reservation...they fill quickly and walkins and more often than not.....turned away due to a full house!!

    2. BS is minutes from my home and office and I've been there over 20 times.

      Food is very good, reasonably priced but not low fat as is usually associated with vegetarian/vegan. It's flavorful, creative and nicely presented. It's a byob.

      On the down side, the place gets very loud when busy and the menu hasn't changed much since it opened. I stopped going for about a year because the relatively short menu became boring. Service is usually good but some servers are so laid back they they disappear for a while.

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      1. re: george2

        I've moved too far away to get to BS anymore, but agree, it is a wonderful restaurant!

        1. re: gardens4me

          I agree george2....NOT low fat or low calorie!!!! not sure how recently you have been but they have updated the menu in past few months with some new additions!!! i also agree about noise level (and closeness of tables) that is why we usually skip lunch and go for very early dinner while still quiet...
          oh how i WISH we lived closer

        2. re: george2

          georges2, while Blue Sage never seems to be in need of additional customers as they are booked solid most days , you may find new items on the menu which could revive your interest. The noise level is still as you stated and with the addition of a bottle toting happy group can be beyond reasonable. Over many visits we have never shared your experience with bad service, actually on the contrary. We over come those downsides with the enjoyment of their special food and our own bottle of happiness. Of course we never add to the noise level, do we?

        3. Probably the most inventive restaurant in Bucks County, and a fine one indeed, but if you want the best vegetarian, then Vedge in Philly has won numerous awards and is definitely at a higher-level. I know that Vedge was top twelve restaurants OF ANY TYPE according to GQ this year. Really, as much as Blue Sage is a blessing to the Bucks burbs there really is no comparison. Also in Philly is HipCityVedge, sort of a wonderful semi-fast food for vegetarians in the Rittenhouse area.