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Jun 26, 2011 01:06 PM

grass fed beef sources other than Whole Foods?

Is there any other grocer in the Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont area that sells grass fed beef? I am wondering if there's anywhere else I can go to find it, or whether a CSA share would be the only other source. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I almost hate to share this inside info, but the no-frills (no bags) budget chain Price Rite, in Revere (Squire Rd, just east of Copeland Circle on Rte 1), often has wonderful Australian grass-fed beef (skirt steak - I think it's the nearly impossible to get outer cut btw, because it has the thick silverskin on on side; also boneless rib roasts) for 3.50-4.00/lb. Lots of other deals for those who look carefully and don't mind a non-typical grocery experience.

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      Watch out for this stuff. It is ungraded. Also the rules on grass fed labeling differ by country. Sysco was selling the filet at $6 fresh a few years ago. It is sysco's cheapest fresh meat option. While I can't tell you specifics, $6 lb filet shipped from Australia make me nervous

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        Skirt is one cut where grading really doesn't matter. And their skirt is quite nice. I've never had any problems with it whatsoever.

    2. We've ordered from here twice:

      I know the owner from my ski club. Meat comes shipped to your, frozen in a cooler on dry ice. Wish I had a bigger freezer, I would get more! His prices are cheap enough to offset shipping.


      1. Farmer's Markets are a good source. John Crow Farm ( sells at the SoWa market on Sundays.

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          John Crow Farm is also at the Friday afternoon market at Nonantum (the Am Legion site on California St), not far from Watertown Sq.

          If you're willing to travel to Waltham, Caledonia Farm is at the Waltham farmers market on Saturday mornings.

        2. is an easy way to get yourself hooked up with a direct source

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            I have bought Hardwick grass-fed beef at Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand on Boylston Street.

            Harwich also has a map of the places where their beef is sold on their site.


          2. There's a supplier at the Lexington farmers market - Chestnut Hill farms or something similar.