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The best dining in the Marais?

Here and wanting great food. Doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, but that's ok, too. Just want the best of the best. Restaurants and cafes worth the visit. Thanks!!

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    1. My latest good eating experience in the Marais was this Wednesday: Café des Musées, 49 rue de Turenne. Traditional bistrot fare with quality produce, prepared with attention and served in generous portions. Organic wine list. 20 euro no-choice menu (entrée, main, dessert), or count on 35-50/person à la carte (with wine).

      1. My 3 favs in the Marais in order of preference are, Claude Colliot, Le Gaigne and the Café des Musées.

        1. Cote de boeuf: Robert & Louise, rue Vielle du Temple.

          Food as art: Monjul.

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            Le Gaigne, Yamt'cha, L'Hedoniste

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              Kobri - although it should be noted that only Le Gaigne is actually in the Marais. The others are in the 1eme and 2eme.

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                PhilD, you're right, of course, but as it is not far from Marais, it is still a good alternative.

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                  Understood but if you include areas close by the list gets a lot longer.

          2. Was in Paris last week, staying on rue de Turenne. Had two very good meals at Cafe des Musees (duck one night, steak frites another), duck again at Chez Janou (with a huge bowl of chocolate mousse for dessert), excellent lamb chops for lunch at Robert et Louise. I would go to all again---and of course, L' au a Falafel for a cheap and yummy dinner.

            Tried Le Gaigne for lunch on Saturday but they do not offer the set lunch menu that day. ATe there a couple of years ago but the greeting was so cold, I had no desire to try another day.....

            At Cafe des Musees, asked if I could have Cotes de Rhone by the glass and the wine was delicious.

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              Try Mi Va Mi sometime, facing L'As du Falafel. Same type of food, just as good, less crammed.

            2. We were in Paris 2 weeks ago. We stumbled into a new crepery that is one block east of Cafe des Musees. I don't have the name on me. same side of the street as CdM.
              Interior was nice. service was keen and sincere.
              I think the two owners were serving. Their buckwheat crepes were as good (if not better) than a certain crepery in Marais that people rave about, and they were 4 Euros cheaper.
              The only disappointment was the drink list (wish they had freshly squeezed juice).

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                For crepes, one of the best, (and it's in the Marais!) is Cafe Breizh.

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                  if I had the name on me (and I don't...my wife has it in her pictures), i would hotly debate your claim.
                  ate at both Breizh and this new place on Turenne. The new resto on Turenne is 4 Euros cheaper per crepe, equally tasty (if not tastier) and has more meat (if that's your desire) options for crepes.

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                  Forgive the intrusion and diversion of topic but many of you seem familiar with the restaurants in Paris and hope one of you can provide the correct name of an establishment we dined at 4 or 5 years ago. It's located in that maze of restaurant streets just beyond the Marche St Germaine. I want to say it's name is Fernando's but I havent been successful finding any information on a restaurant with that name in Paris. It could be Ferdinand or some variation of that name. Simple bistro, long and narrow, small tables pressed against either wall, chalk board menu, and along with a heavy emphasis on meats, they had the simple but freshest butter lettuce with such a delicate oil and vinegar dressing that just was a delight after so many substantial meals. If anyone knows this, is it still there and is it as good as we remember?

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                    Check out Chez Fernand and Le Petit Fernand, both in the 6th.

                3. Thank you everyone for your great ideas.

                  We ate at Cafe de Musées, Chez Janou, L' au a Falafel, and Breizh. Tried Le Gaigne but closed on the day I could go. There were several other places as we ate our way through Paris, but for me Cafe de Musées and Chez Janou are worth mentioning. Really wonderful.

                  Also got a pedicure in the Marias. Didn't think to ask cost as I thought all pedicures fell around the same price. 90 Euro later... My toes are beautiful but really!

                  It's our last evening but I think I need salad. ;)

                  Can't wait to return in winter. I'll have to try the other restaurants listed below.

                  Merci, merci, merci!