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Jun 26, 2011 10:30 AM

Where else to buy coppa (hot coppa) in DFW metro OTHER than Jimmy's?

I think coppa, especially hot coppa, is the most delicious deli meat ever. Not capicolla, not proscuitto, but coppa (HOT COPPA). I would really love to find a place in the DFW metro that sells it OTHER than Jimmy's.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy's but it's in a horrible location that isn't convenient at all, let alone for me. I'd love to find another place. I cannot believe Jimmy's is the ONLY authentic Italian Deli in all of the DFW Metro/North Texas.

I've had people say "Try Central Market," "Try Whole Foods," but they never have them and give you funny looks when you ask. Ditto that for most delis in the metroplex. I don't want to custom order it, I want to walk in and walk out with that delicious hot coppa, or at the very least, a place that makes and sells a hot coppa sandwich.

Does anyone know anywhere that actually sells it? To save disappointing trips, I would ask that people who can actually confirm that coppa is sold in a certain place please respond rather than a suggestion to try a place that "might" have it. I know that sounds harsh, but my wife and I have had too much heartbreak and used up too much expensive gas trying to find another place to get coppa other than Jimmy's here.

If you've ever had hot coppa, you'd know why it is so coveted.


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  1. Did a Google search. I realize this link is a year old but I hope this helps.....

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I forgot to mention that in my post. Although Eatzi's has that "hot coppa" pizza, they don't use coppa in that pizza, nor do they sell it. It was another one of my disappointing adventures in search of coppa. Thanks anyways.

    2. I haven't had it myself, but Alongi's Italian Market's website states they carry it. They are located in Flower Mound and their website is (Click on "Food Menu" and they list all the deli meats they carry.)

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      1. re: lckeating

        OMG, thanks!! I saw the website, and sure enough, they say they have hot coppa! I haven't seen this, probably because their menu is in a graphic and that makes it tough for google to search. I will definitely check this place out, thanks again!!

        1. re: pappy97

          They do have hot coppa and you missed thier Groupon earlier this month for food or products at the shop. I would rate some items better at Alongi's than Jimmy's like the deli meats and cheese but the sausage and meatballs I would wait until I had a chance to go back to Jimmy's as there is no comparison.

      2. If anyone knows other places, I would appreciate knowing them. I'd like to know multiple places other than Jimmy's that sell (hot) coppa in the DFW/North Texas area. Thanks, I love this website!!!!!

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        1. re: pappy97

          Kroger stores that carry Boars Head products usually have it. Tom Thumb stores did too for a long time but I havaen't noticed any lately.

          1. re: OnkleWillie

            Most Kroger's I've been to don't have them, including the one I was at last night. I'm not even sure Boar's Head carries hot coppa.

        2. You should check out Carbone's Fine Food and Wine on Oaklawn.

          They have some really great HOT COPPA.

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          1. re: caseyhy400

            Excellent suggestion. Lots of good things there.

            Of course, you could also do the logical thing and just move closer to Jimmy's!!

          2. EatZi's market and bakery on oaklawn ave carries real coppa in fact they make a hot coppa pizza on Friday nights for $10 bucks that is awesome