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Jun 26, 2011 10:04 AM

Where to buy GOOD fresh corn in London?

Most corn I've purchased in London seems to be better suited to becoming ethanol than being eaten -- it's stodgy and lacking flavour. In the US, farm-fresh corn is available during the summer months; the kernals burst into your mouth and they're utterly delicious.

Anyone know of any out-of-this-world corn around London?


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  1. wait til its in season - its not going to be fresh til like august september

    1. I wait anxiously each year to pick our own corn at Garson's farm in Surrey. It's the only corn I've tasted that is like what one finds so easily in the States. As was said, the corn doesn't get ripe till towards the end of the summer.

      Take a train south! :-)

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        That sounds fun! My fiance is from Rhode Island and their butter and sugar corn is the best I've had -- I'm from canada and I thought our local corn was good...!

        1. re: brokentelephone

          A few weeks ago, the pick your own had a sale of strawberries... half price. We got a lot because my husband likes to make jam. We could see the corn growing, but it was really puny. This farm has just about everything growing, but the prices aren't low.

          My best corn was from Connecticut - but it was also good near where I lived in NY. Must be an East Coast thing!