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Back to what it began as - delicious [Lolitas in Byram, CT]

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it has been awhile and i thought the place was going to go the way (i had a not so good experience) of many trendy restaurants and dissappear, but some friends convinced me to go out with them to this place i call mexican inspired and i was very happy this time. I at too much and could have stuck to the appetizer of spicy guacamole and corn bread, but i went i got a carnitas place as well. The guac - not so hot as to blow your head off, but enough to know it has heat, the corn bread moist, sweet and warm. The pork from the carnitas was melt in your mouth and if i get some people to go out for this sort of thing, i will go back again.
Not cheap, $35 for 2 apps and the main and that did not include the margarita - which I have a fondness for anywhere, but i took enough food home for another meal.

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