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Jun 26, 2011 08:30 AM

coleslaw (non-mayo)

Looking for a good coleslaw (No mayo version please). Am looking to use as a side dish but also to go on top of BBQ and Sandwiches.


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  1. Wherever I bring this Super Slaw from Epicurious, it disappears...not sure if you WANT Asian flavors or if you are looking for a more traditional creamy cole slaw that uses something instead of mayonnaise? But here's the link just in case:

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      And if the OP is looking for something creamy but without mayonnaise... I often use a mix of smooth cottage cheese and bulgarian yoghurt (both can be low-fat) in such salads, and it works well and is really delicious.

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        I love this recipe! The dressing is so good & can double as peanut sauce with other things.

      2. I riff on this cole slaw:

        However, I use really good apple cider vinegar [the heinz stuff tastes like crap] instead of the distilled white vinegar, I cut the sugar in half, and generally, reduce the oil as well.

        I use the Cooks Illustrated method of salting/draining the cabbage for an hour before rinsing and drying. And, I never add green pepper, but that is a personal taste thing.

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          mmmm, that one looks really good too, SMT...and might be more of the traditional flavor if that's what soup is looking of the reviewers said it was great with pulled pork!

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            my best friend's mom makes one similar to this recipe, except she adds blue cheese. brilliant. and just creamy enough if you let it sit for a little while...

          2. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I used to run a kitchen. Our slaw vinaigrette recipe was as follows

            4kg sugar
            1.8kg salt
            1C onion salt
            1C celery salt
            4C white pepper
            1C garlic salt
            16l white vinegar
            8l vegetable oil
            2 small bottles worcestershire

            mix all dry ingredients, add vinegar and worcestershire, stir well, add oil, stir well.
            Shred cabbage and a carrot for color, mix, add vinaigrette to taste.

            I don't expect you to make a tub-o-slaw, but you get the idear.

              1. When I make barbecue or pulled pork, I make a Carolina ketchup-based slaw. It's easy and apropos. Here's a simple recipe from


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                  I've never heard of a ketchup based slaw, but that recipe actually looks good. I might try that when I get my CSA share this week. I like that it's not oniony. Onions are fine in slaw the first day, but after that, they're all you taste!