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Jun 26, 2011 06:39 AM

Applewood Inn & Restaurant is awesome! [Guerneville]

The Inn was so lovely! It was clean, quaint, and private, a perfect getaway in wine country for my husband and I. The restaurant was even better. We chose the Inn because of the restaurant but both exceeded our expectations. The food was phenomenal and the staff delightful! It was one of the best meals we have ever had (and we live in Manhattan fwiw). The waiter was knowledgeable and provided us a description of our meal (a 5 course tasting menu which we customized ourselves) without being overly talkative. The wine pairing was perfect - plus they allowed us to only do 1 wine paring so we each got a "half glass" with each course, but not a stingy half, more like 3/4 glass for each of us. I would definitely go back and recommend this to our California friends.

Applewood Inn & Restaurant
13555 HWY 116, Guerneville, CA 95446

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    1. We had a great meal there the other night. We got the prix-fixe, $75 plus $55 wine pairing.

      A little tomato and watermelon (?) amuse was nice.

      White gazpacho of melon and cucumber with olive oil was fantastic, have to try to do something like that at home. Iron Horse sparkling wine was a good match but I preferred a glass of Hibou de Nuit Gewürztraminer I ordered separately.

      Butter lettuce salad with fantastic pistachios and I forget what all else was excellent. Paired with a good, fruity local Albariño that was the best domestic attempt I've had ... I'll have to call them and ask which winery it was.

      Tenpura squash blossom stuffed with ratatouille was great. 2011 Moshin Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir was very nice.

      There was a choice of main courses so we got one of each. Beef tenderloin with a bone marrow bordelaise was fantastic and paired well with a Medlock Ames Cabernet. I preferred that to the cocoa nib crusted rack of lamb (actually a rib chop), which was paired with a Sapphire Hill Syrah that to me was overripe.

      While the more difficult stuff was all executed perfectly, some of the simpler elements could have been better, e.g. the potatoes that came with the beef.

      Good cheese course, good desserts, polished and friendly service.

      Overall a good value if you're used to Berkeley / Oakland prices. I thought they did a particularly good job of digging up wines from the area that should please French tourists attracted by the Michelin star.

      1. Looking at its FB page, there seems to be a changing Sunday $30 3-course menu called Russian River Night and no corkage on bottles of Russian River wines. Also that the reservations go fast.

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          Applewood has some great local wines on its list that are impossible to get, so I would not bring my own wine.