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South Philly Bar - Pre-Dinner Drinks

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Good morning Fellow Chows - heading to Mamma Maria's on Passyunk for dinner tonight. If we are lucky and don't encounter traffic issues on the way down, I need a recommendation for a nice bar closeby to enjoy a cocktail. I did find info on South Philly Sports Bar, but would love to know if there are any others closer to the restaurant.

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  1. Nearby, the Cantina has a bar, if it's not too crowded. You could also try Watkin's Drinkery at 10th and Watkins. Farther down Passyunk, Le Virtu might be a good choice as well. I like the PoPE, but it is closer to a divey gastropub than "nice bar."

    1. You could go a few doors down to the bar at Paradiso.

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        That's where I'd go.

      2. Thanks for the info. Will remember these for next time. Our friends made it to our house early enough that we had time to enjoy a cocktail at home before we needed to leave for the city. I did see Paradiso and Cantina while we were at Mamma Maria's. Had a wonderful dinner - lots of laughs and with all of the wine and after dinner liqueurs, we had plenty of "adult beverages". Will be heading there again soon.

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          I LOVE Mamma Maria's...