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Jun 26, 2011 03:42 AM

Lisbon fine dining restaurants at lunch time

To vinhotinto and all CH members

I'll be in Lisbon for the next two weeks, most of the time working.
I will invite a number of Portuguese executives (lawyers and bankers) for a lunch.
Looking for a place of easy access, central and where the Portuguese like the food.
Not looking for restaurants in hotels
I do not know if there are executive or lunch menus, which are usually cheaper.



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  1. I would suggest Luis Suspiro's restaurant in the Medical Council (Ordem dos Medicos):
    It is pretty central, close to the airport, easy parking and very Portuguese (with a twist). They have a very reasonably priced lunch menu at 30 Euros (incl wine and coffee) and it will impress your guests that you know about one of the most confidential restaurant in Lisbon.

    I note your "no hotel" policy, but the "Brasserie" at the Tivoli would be my 2nd choice, even more central on Av. da Liberdade.

    1. My experience in this fine dining restaurants was good but for dinner. All of them have cheaper lunch menu, with a central location.