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quick trip update

went to les cocottes for a quick lunch after getting here from london

chicken fricassee with the most amazing potatoes (especially coming from london where they dont season the potatoes) was amazing the mrs had a cesear salad that was very good as well

grabbed a macaroon from gregory renard - it was excellent and the mrs asked how long they would last if we take them home, always a good sign

l'ami jean was amazing - didnt realize the foie gras was only for 2 and was 80 euro - which was disappointing until i started eating everything else then i didnt miss it at all

had the lobster app which was probably the best lobster both of us have ever had

the beef for 2 (which would actually have been for 4! Seared on the outside and almost blue / tartare on the inside - it was amazing - i liked the blue and the mrs liked the seared outside so worked out very nicely

the rice pudding was amazing - basically what everyone else has already said

the fun factor was actually sitting at the middle table next to others, sat by a very nice couple that was actually coming to visit the us to AZ where we are from as well as las vegas so it was nice to be able to help them out, as they helped us with the menu a bit

there is also one waiter who speaks fluent english so if any english only speaker is scared do not be - you will be just fine

also lance blankenship was there from one of the boy bands the mrs noted, they pulled away in a Rolls, our table was trying to figure out if it was him or not (i didnt know who he was) but after they left in the RR we figured it had to be him

overall great time - don't miss this place - great atmosphere and fun

off for more sore feet and sightseeing will post a proper review later but will update everyone when i can

thanks again for all of your help!

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  1. What a fun report. Thank you.

    1. This is fabulous to read, especially knowing its your honeymoon!

      1. Sorry you missed the foie gras, was my fav thing eaten in 2010. Both of the male waiters speak excellent English, the waitresses less so. Renard's macarons do not last at all, thus cannot bring to States. Enjoy your honeymoon.

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          From what I've been told, macarons are only worth eating on the same day or the next.. that's it!

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            "Renard's macarons do not last at all, thus cannot bring to States."

            Well, you are right, of course. But I usually buy some the day before we leave and suitcase them home.

            There is an old saying, What is worse than a severeal day old macaron? No macaron. ;)

            1. re: mangeur

              "What is worse than a severeal day old macaron? No macaron"

              Not true. Better not eat any instead of eating non-fresh.

              1. re: Parigi

                "Better not eat any instead of eating non-fresh."

                Not in complete agreement, Parigi. After your post, I pulled a Renard macaron from my freezer and let it thaw. My husband came in and started munching. Not bad. Not bad at all.

                Several things at play: I buy the macarons the afternoon before returning home, layer them between parchment paper in Tupperware and have them put in the hotel freezer. They are out only for transit. Once home, I individually wrap them in Saran and replace in the freezer.

                Renard's macarons have more filling than others which may be why they are still unctuous after freezing.

                Would I rather have fresh? Sure. Would I like to live in Paris? Sure. But a defrosted Renard macaron with a cup of tea takes me "home". If I were on my honeymoon, I know that I'd take home a few souvenir macs. ;)

                1. re: mangeur

                  Omg, Mangeur, you're a far-gone addict.

          2. Great review of a place we really want to go to in October. Is the foie gras for 2 at 80 euro the pan seared whole lobe that I keep reading about? Is it an appetizer or a meal? Hubby really wants to try that, but it might be a little too expensive if it's just the appetizer. (but then, we're in Paris, so we'll probably do it either way, lol)

            Thanks for sharing,

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              Foie is an entire lobe, serves three perfectly for one very thick slice each and is really that extraordinary. Yes many things at CLAJ are great, but Oh My. Served as an app but could be anything, and think is 80 euros, or thereabouts

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                Thanks, hubby is a foie gras freak and this sounds like it will just up his alley.


            2. Ok Mrs told me it is lance bass from nsync - i must have made blankenship up heh

              hugo and victor was closed but went to la patisserie des reves and were not disappointed it was amazing

              we had something that they said they were best in the city for brest something and then a saint honore both were great

              Louvre cafe (sit down area) was pretty good with a toasted ham sandwich with a ton of cheese they called it a croque madam but it was unlike any i ever had in a good way

              1. ended up at cafe constant for dinner - were upstairs, be aware no a/c up there and on a hot night in paris it was sweaty warm

                A few Leffe beers and things were good though

                had quail stuffed with foie gras, wish there was a bit more foie in there (who wouldnt) and the mrs had the chicken with new potatos - both were excellent, starter of crab and potato salad

                the mrs said she never had chicken like that at a restaurant, as in the US we dont ever order it because it is very plain, however having two chicken dishes here being amazing - ordering chicken doesnt sound like a bad plan in paris

                now to the more serious question

                does chez ami jean serve the foie gras at lunch? Curious if we go there at noon on Tuesday can we get the foie for lunch and be out of there in 1.5 hours? Got a tour at 2 and I need that foie before we leave - leaving from the lovure area

                dont want to give up frenchie for the foie (or do i?)

                stopped at Cafe de L'Esplanade on the way back from dinner - had probably the two worst drinks we have ever had - a bellini that tasted like they poured 1 shot of peach schnaps in it, very bitter and orange in color - and a caprihina that was so sweet i thought they dropped a shot of simple or rock syrup into it - 30 euro - stay away - was fun area to watch people roll by and the old school euro cards nice rolls and jag (old school) were there - try not to eat or drink anything there maybe stick with bottled beer or wine they cannot mess up :)

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                1. re: Dapuma

                  "dont want to give up frenchie for the foie (or do i?)"

                  I'm the only person in the world, well almost, who has found Frenchie to be a bit of a yawn. (Granted, we were taken by our first several dinners, but more recent ones just didn't deliver.) So...if you can stare down your friends who ask how you liked Frenchie, you might well do better with the big foie. Note: this is just my personal take...

                  1. re: Dapuma

                    #2 on Frenchie not being my favorite. Therefore, l would trade in a heartbeat, even if l had to eat the foie outside in a drizzle. Yes they serve it at lunch. Dinner and lunch menus are identical.

                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      I rarely go to the same twice in one trip but I did with Frenchie it was that good. As good as CLJ? Who knows it is simply different and enjoyable in a different way. I would try the foie at lunch and keep Frenchie - it sounds like you are at risk of going to the same two places over and over again.

                  2. best duck ever - yes

                    no ac = true

                    they gave us a seat at the front between the front panel

                    the service is very direct - but not bad - not sure why anyone would say that

                    what we have noticed in france is that if you want something just get their attention however if you dont they will leave you alone, which is great

                    foie gras cold, was very good - however still prefer cooked - but best i have ever had without the torch - as others have said when it got warmer and more spreadable it was even better

                    the mrs said the foie gras brought her back to her childhood (vietnamese prepared liver is french inspired) - which was very cool

                    mains were beef bologanese and the duck confit - both amazing - dessert was the grand mariner soufflee which was forgetable however the two first courses made up for it

                    the restaurant was not totally full and the timing between courses was longer than an american meal but we enjoyed it greatly and had a glass of sauternes and bottle of cote de rhone and app demi and two full mains and 1 dessert for 140 euro which we felt was amazing value

                    death bed meal for mrs d is that duck confit

                    "how can we come back to paris sooner for this again"

                    thanks for all the help another delicious day

                    victor and hugo and laudree comrpised the macaroons and pasteries today - food in America will be sad after this trip

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                        I also asked, but my post "was" disappeared, and the post saying it was disappeared was also disappeared. It will probably reappear as a double, or triple.

                        1. re: Parigi

                          Same -- I'm also venturing a guess -- perhaps La Regalade SH???

                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                              Time for OP to put us out of our misery...

                              1. re: Parigi

                                chez josephine dumonet

                                was amazing

                                went to frenchie tonight was solid, dont think i would go back - spent the same amount of money there as Josephine dumonet and it wasnt nearly as good and we had less drinks and less food

                                the sweetbreads and seabass were excellent, the chicken and smoked trout were ok, the desserts were solid - but for the other items we have had in paris - didnt want to make me return

                                willis wine bar for lunch was solid but overall would not return either - good but not good enough to make a trip for - i would certainly go there again before a tour - great location so for the location might be worth the trip

                                best dollar to value so far in paris would be chez dumonet without question - we thought that the mains were proper sized the apps looked huge for everything else that went out probably stick with full sized on the mains and demis on the apps when you can if it is just for two - however over i may take chez l'ami jean - however it could go either way - probably rests on when i try the torched foie to give a proper decision - but for 200 us dollars for a bottle of wine a glass or two of some other items two mains a dessert and an app - no place i know could equal chez dumonet in the us.

                                1. re: Dapuma

                                  Have Frenchies prices gone up significantly? I thought it was a set menu at E34 to E45 and I thought the wine was well priced. If you spent E200 at Dumonet and the same at Frenchies (with less wine) did this mean you spent E110 to E130 on a bottle of wine?

                                  1. re: PhilD

                                    no the wine was pretty expensive at frenchie think it was 50 euro or so - wasnt as good as the other cheaper stuff we were drinking - not many inexpensive bottles compared to the other places - set menu i think was 45 and starter was 14 suppliment of foie gras which was very good

                                    spent about 140 euro at dumonet

                                    l'epicerie in the loire valley is a great place - amazing escargot was probably the highlight

                                    very good value compared to paris and london (naturally)